Quarterly National Accounts Manual--Concepts, Data Sources, and Compilation

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Financial Derivatives, A Supplement to the Fifth Edition (1993) of the Balance of Payments Manual
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May 10, 2000
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The recommendations in this publication regarding the classification of financial derivatives involving affiliated enterprises are provisional. The final decisions are promulgated in Classification of Financial Derivatives Involving Affiliated Enterprises in the Balance of Payments Statistics and the International Investment Position (IIP) Statement (231 kb PDF file)
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Part I. Additions to the Fifth Edition (1993) of the Balance of
            Payments Manual
XXV. Financial Derivatives
Part II. Amendments to the Fifth Edition (1993) of the Balance
              of Payments Manual
VIII. Classification and Standard Components
XIII. Other Services
XIV. Income
XVI. Structure and Characteristics of the Capital and Financial Account
XVIII. Direct Investment
XIX. Portfolio Investment
XX. Other Investment
XXI. Reserve Assets
XXIII. International Investment Position
Appendix I. Relationship of the Rest of the World Account to the Balance of Payments Accounts and the International Investment Position
Appendix II. A Note on Sectors
Appendix V. Selected Issues in Balance of Payments Analysis