2000 International Monetary Fund

April 2000

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O C C A S I O N A L   P A P E R     
Macroprudential Indicators
of Financial System Soundness

By a Staff Team led by Owen Evans, Alfredo M. Leone, Mahinder Gill, and Paul Hilbers

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List of Abbreviations



II   Indicators for Macroprudential Surveillance
Aggregated Microprudential Indicators
Macroeconomic Factors that Impact the Financial System
Directions for Further Work

III   Literature Survey
Determinants of Financial System Soundness
Studies of Macroeconomic Variables
Studies of Aggregated Microprudential Indicators

IV   Work Programs of Other Institutions
International and Multilateral Institutions
National Central Banks and Supervisory Agencies
Indicators Used by Investors and Rating Agencies

V   IMF Initiatives
Reports and Publications
Surveillance Procedures and Operations

VI   Measurement Issues
Statistical Frameworks for MPIs
Statistical Issues Affecting MPIs and International Comparability
Options for Further Development of MPIs

VII   Macroprudential Indicators and Data Dissemination
IMF Initiatives on Data Dissemination Standards
Conclusions on Dissemination Issues of the Consultative Meeting
Next Steps

I   Existing Data Collection Frameworks
II   Special Data Dissemination Standard and General Data Dissemination System