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IMF Staff Papers Logo    Last updated: November 2004
Volume 51, Number 3

Table of Contents

Monetary Policy and Long-Horizon Uncovered Interest Parity
Menzie D. Chinn and Guy Meredith

Reconciling Stability and Growth: Smart Pacts and Structural Reforms
Roel M.W.J. Beetsma and Xavier Debrun

Macro Effects of Corporate Restructuring in Japan
Se-Jik Kim

Would "Cold Turkey" Work in Turkey?
Oya Celasun, R. Gaston Gelos, and Alessandro Prati

Singapore Inc. Versus the Private Sector: Are Government-Linked Companies Different?
Carlos D. Ramírez and Ling Hui Tan

Monetary Policy Rules, Asset Prices, and Exchange Rates
Jagjit S. Chadha, Lucio Sarno, and Giorgio Valente

Trade Liberalization and Real Exchange Rate Movement
Xiangming Li

Optimal Central Bank Conservatism and Monopoly Trade Unions
Helge Berger, Carsten Hefeker, and Ronnie Schöb

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