Last updated: September 2006
Volume 53, Special Issue
IMF Staff Papers

This special issue for 2006 includes 5 papers considered at the Sixth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference in November 2005.


IMF Sixth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference

Who Adjusts and When? The Political Economy of Reforms
Alberto Alesina, Silvia Ardagna, and Francesco Trebbi

The Causes of Fiscal Transparency: Evidence from the U.S. States
James E. Alt, David Dreyer Lassen, and Shanna Rose

Plant Turnover and Structural Reforms in Colombia
Marcela Eslava, John Haltiwanger, Adriana Kugler, and Maurice Kugler

Outcomes-Based Conditionality: Its Role and Optimal Design
Anna Ivanova

Political Constraints and Public Support for Market Reform
Raj M. Desai and Anders Olofsgård

Remoteness and Real Exchange Rate Volatility
Claudio Bravo-Ortega and Julian di Giovanni

Local Currency Bond Markets
John D. Burger and Francis E. Warnock

Asymmetric Effects of Government Spending:
Does the Level of Real Interest Rates Matter?

Woon Gyu Choi and Michael B. Devereux