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Maurice Obstfeld: What Lies Behind the Global Recovery

October 10, 2017

IMF Chief Economist Maurice Obstfeld, says global recovery is continuing, and at faster pace. (IMF photo)

The latest forecasts from the International Monetary Fund show global growth is on the rise. A very different picture from early last year, when the world economy faced faltering growth and financial market turbulence. In this podcast, IMF Chief Economist Maurice Obstfeld, delves into the current trends behind this recent upswing.

Maurice Obstfeld: What Lies Behind the Global Recovery

IMF iLab: New Space for Innovation

October 06, 2017

Tristan Walker, Head of the IMF’s new Innovation Lab (IMF photo).

The technological revolution has far reaching implications and is rapidly changing the way the world does business. But technology also offers the potential for finding solutions to some of the challenges facing the global economy. To encourage creative thinking among its economists, the IMF recently opened an innovation lab. In this podcast, Tristan Walker, first iLab Chief, says innovation will help make the institution more agile.

Tristan Walker, Innovation Lab Unit Chief

Laszlo Varro: Climate Change Shaping Energy Policy

September 25, 2017

International Energy Agency’s Laszlo Varro, says electricity sector is moving towards renewable energy in a very determined fashion (Photo: International Energy Agency).

80 percent of the world’s energy consumption is based on fossil fuels which account for most of the greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet. Climate change is affecting the global economy and has become a defining feature in energy policy making. In this podcast, International Energy Agency Chief Economist, Laszlo Varro, says while efforts to reduce carbon emissions are generally off track, technological progress and investment momentum in the clean energy sector are reasons for optimism.

Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist for the International Energy Agency

Gaining an Edge with Big Data

September 13, 2017

Mobile-phone and internet users leave behind increasingly detailed traces that are valuable to Big Data companies (photo: Ingram Publishing/Newscom).

Good data and statistics can help drive economies and are the basis for sound policy decisions in both private and public sectors. The advent of ‘big data’ poses opportunities for private companies and public institutions to better understand today`s economic and social trends. A new study by the IMF shows how big data can also provide valuable insight for economic and financial analysis. In this podcast, coauthor Diane Kostroch discusses the benefits and the challenges that come with big data.

Diane Kostroch, IMF economist, Statistics Department.

Benno Ndulu: Champion of Inclusion

August 30, 2017

Tanzania Bank Governor Benno Ndulu, says inclusive policies offer growing youth population opportunities to make a living and stay away from trouble (IMF photo)

Only a third of adults in sub-Saharan Africa have a bank account, and in this podcast, Tanzania Bank Governor, Benno Ndulu, says the lack of access to financial services is a key constraint on the region’s economic growth. Ndulu is a champion for bringing financial services to the poorest segments of society and as the current Chair of the Board of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, he has helped pioneer some of the most innovative policy approaches to extending the financial system to the unbanked. This conversation with Benno Ndulu is featured in the September 2017 issue of Finance and Development Magazine.

Benno Ndulu, Bank of Tanzania Governor, and Chair of the Board of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

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