IMF Periodicals

Last Updated: July 29, 2017

Finance & Development -- A quarterly magazine published by the IMF, presents articles and book reviews on a wide variety of topics in international economics and finance, as well as economic development.

Financial Market Updates are produced twice a year and timed to fall between the semi-annual publication of the Global Financial Stability Report.

Financial Statements of the International Monetary Fund -- A Quarterly Report

Financing IMF Transactions -- A quarterly report

Global Financial Stability Report -- A semiannual report that provides assessments of global financial markets and addresses emerging market financing in a global context.

IMF Commodity Prices -- Monthly updates of tables providing information on primary commodity market developments.

IMF Financial Activities -- A weekly web only summary of financial assistance to member countries in support of their policy programs, available IMF resources, arrears, and key IMF rates. Includes current Stand-By, Extended, and Poverty Reduction and Growth (PRGF) Arrangements and Status of Commitments of HIPC Assistance.

IMF's Financial Resources and Liquidity Position -- A montly web only report that covers total usable and non-usable resources, net uncommitted usable resources, balances available under borrowing arrangements, liquid liabilities, and the IMF liquidity ratio.

IMF Research Bulletin -- A quarterly bulletin that summarizes key components of research done at the IMF, and provides a listing of research documents and other research-related activities.

IMF Survey -- An online magazine carrying news, views, and analysis from the International Monetary Fund. Articles from the online Survey are also published in a monthly print edition in English, French, and Spanish.

Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank Statistics on External Debt -- The latest international data available on the external debt of developing and transition countries and territories.

Quarterly Update on the Special Data Dissemination Standard -- Quarterly report on progress being achieved in the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS).

Safeguards Assessments -- Semi-Annual Updates

World Economic and Financial Surveys
Cover economic and financial issues of importance to the world economy.

World Economic Outlook Databases

World Economic Outlook Reports