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The Institute for Capacity Development’s Internal Economics Training (IET) program provides training over a wide range of topics that are relevant for IMF economists. The objective of the program is to ensure that Fund economists at all levels stay at the forefront of the profession and remain current on the major issues of the day.

The program consists of courses (which run from two to five days) and seminars (typically half-day events) on topics in econometrics, economic theory, finance, monetary and exchange rate policy, open-economy macroeconomics, political economy, public economics, and trade. The popularity of the program has elicited a rapid expansion in the number of courses and seminars offered since the program’s inception. The Institute consults with economists from across the Fund in choosing the topics to be covered as well as the speakers to be invited, and it seeks feedback from participants in all the courses and seminars. The range of topics covered has broadened significantly in recent years, reflecting the increasingly complex and rapidly evolving environment which Fund economists operate.

The Institute invites some of the best-known scholars in their fields to the Fund to conduct the courses and seminars. Among these are recent recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics, as well as the John Bates Clark Medal. Since 2000, country officials have also participated in selected week-long IET courses in various fields.

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Economics Training Program

2016 Courses
Growth Policy DesignAghion,Philippe
Panel Data AnalysisBaltagi,Badi H.
Econometrics for Macroeconomists Using StataBaum,Christopher F.
Specifying, Solving, and Estimating DSGE Models: An IntroductionCanova,Fabio
Advanced Topics in the Estimation of DSGE ModelsCanova,Fabio
Formulation, Estimation, and Policy Analysis with DSGE ModelsChristiano,Lawrence J.
Yield Curves: Models, Interpretations, and Practical ApplicationsCosimano,Thomas F.
Banking: Foundations and Quantitative MethodsDas,Sanjiv Ranjan
The Economics of Temporary and Permanent MigrationDustmann,Christian
Macrofinancial Linkages, Systemic Risk, and Macroprudential PoliciesEspinosa,Marco
Financial Markets, Growth, and Information in Asset PricesFullenkamp,Connel
Bayesian VARSGonzalez Gomez,Andres
Structured Curriculum -- Macroeconomic Diagnostics for Staff (MDS)Hasanov,Fuad
Financial Markets, Growth, and Information in Asset PricesIvaschenko,Iryna
Macrofinancial Linkages, Systemic Risk, and Macroprudential Policies (MFC V)Ivaschenko,Iryna
Macrofinancial Linkages, Systemic Risk, and Macroprudential PoliciesIvaschenko,Iryna
Structured Curriculum -- Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting (MPAF)Karam,Philippe D
Understanding and Fighting CorruptionKlitgaard,Robert
Macrofinancial Linkages, Systemic Risk, and Macroprudential PoliciesKodres,Laura Ellen
Economics for Non-EconomistsLoungani,Prakash N.
Basic Econometrics Using EViewsMartin,Vance
Volatility Modeling Using EViewsMartin,Vance
Factor Models in EViewsMartin,Vance
Macroeconometric Modeling and Forecasting Using EViewsMcNown,Robert F.
Quantitative Models of Financial Crises and Macroprudential PolicyMendoza,Enrique
External Vulnerability in Developing CountriesMontiel,Peter J.
Structured Curriculum -- Capital Flows ManagementMontiel,Peter J.
Introduction to Nonstationary Macro Panel Data TechniquesPedroni,Peter
Bayesian VARSPopescu,Adina
Financial Reforms, Crises, and GrowthRanciere,Romain Gilles Charles
Structural Vector AutoregressionsRestrepo,Jorge
Yield Curves: Models, Interpretations, and Practical ApplicationsRochon,Celine
Structured Curriculum -- Exchange Rate EconomicsSarno,Lucio
An Introduction to Futures and OptionsSundaram,Rangarajan
Structured Curriculum -- Modern Monetary EconomicsWalsh,Carl
2016 Seminars
Complexity EconomicsArthur,W. Brian
Equity Recourse Notes: Creating Counter-Cyclical Bank CapitalBulow,Jeremy I.
Workshop for B4/B3 Senior Reviewers: Main Issues in Macro- Financial SurveillanceClaessens,Stijn
The History of Social MobilityClark,Gregory
When You Wish upon R*: Monetary Policy with Low Equilibrium Real Interest RatesGapen,Michael Timothy
The Return of Industrial PolicyHasanov,Fuad
Completing the G20's Program to Reform Global Financial RegulationKnight,Malcolm D.
Macroeconomics and InequalityKrueger,Dirk
Liberalism Made Us Rich, 1800-Present, Not Capital or InstitutionsMcCloskey,Deirdre Nansen
Household Debt and Business Cycles WorldwideMian,Atif R.
The Power of Forward Guidance RevisitedNakamura,Emi
Agent-Based Models in (Macro)economicsPage,Scott E.
The Dollar, the Renminbi, and the International Monetary SystemPrasad,Eswar S.
The Codependency of the U.S. and ChinaRoach,Stephen
Economics RulesRodrik,Dani
Corruption and GovernmentRose-Ackerman,Susan
Culture and Economic GrowthSpolaore,Enrico
The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World OrderSteil,Benn
The Role of Integrated Assessment Models in Climate PolicyStock,James
Gender BudgetingStotsky,Janet G.
Big Data and the Measurement of Real Economic Activity: A Better, Faster, Cheaper ApproachWeinstein,David E.
Open Forum -- Why Is the Economics of Climate Change So Difficult and Controversial?Weitzman,Martin