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Kenneth Rogoff
Economic Counsellor and Director, Research Department
(from August 2001–September 2003)

Biographical Information

October 28, 2005

Mr. Rogoff served as Economic Counsellor and Director, Research Department of the International Monetary Fund from August 20011 to September 2003. He was previously a Professor in the Department of Economics at Harvard University and, before that, the Charles and Marie Robertson Professor of International Affairs at Princeton University. Early in his career, Rogoff served as an economist at the International Monetary Fund and also at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. He is an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Science as well as the Econometric Society, and a former Guggenheim Fellow. Mr Rogoff received a B.A. from Yale University summa cum laude in 1975, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1980.

Mr. Rogoff has published extensively on policy issues in international finance, including exchange rates, international debt issues, and international monetary policy. Together with Maurice Obstfeld, he is co-author of the 1996 graduate text/treatise Foundations of International Macroeconomics.

Mr. Rogoff was awarded the life title of international grandmaster of chess by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) in 1978.

Selected Publications 2

"Empirical Exchange Rate Models of the Seventies: Do They Fit Out of Sample?" (with R. Meese), Journal of International Economics, 1983; "The Optimal Degree of Commitment to an Intermediate Monetary Target," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1985; "Can International Monetary Cooperation be Counterproductive?" Journal of International Economics 18, 1985; "The Buyback Boondoggle" (with J. Bulow), Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1988; "Sovereign Debt: Is to Forgive to Forget?" (with J. Bulow), American Economic Review,1989; "Equilibrium Political Budget Cycles," American Economic Review, 1990; "The Mirage of Fixed Exchange Rates," (with M. Obstfeld), Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1995; "The Purchasing Power Parity Puzzle," Journal of Economic Literature 34,1996; "Exchange Rate Dynamics Redux," (with M. Obstfeld), Journal of Political Economy, 1995; Foundations of International Macroeconomics (with M. Obstfeld), MIT Press, 1996; "Institutions for Reducing Global Financial Instability," Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1999; "The Six Major Puzzles in International Macroeconomics: Is there a Common Cause?" (with M. Obstfeld); NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2000; "Global Implications of Self-Oriented National Monetary Rules," (with Maurice Obstfeld), Quarterly Journal of Economics 117, May 2002, 503-36; "The Modern History of Exchange Rate Arrangements: A Reinterpretation," (with Carmen Reinhart) Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming 2004. An earlier version appeared as NBER Working Paper 8963 (June 2002); "Commodity Currencies," (with Yu-chen Chin), Journal of International Economics 60 (February 2003), 133-160. "Debt Intolerance," (with Carmen M. Reinhart and Miguel A. Savastano), in William Brainard and George Perry (eds.), Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 1: 2003, 1-74.

1 Read the interview: "Rogoff Reflects on Global Economy, Research, Academia, Chess," in the IMF Survey, November 26, 2001 (1073 kb PDF file).
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