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June 20, 2005

Disinflation: An Unsung Benefit of Globalization? PDF file (142Kb)
by Kenneth S. Rogoff - The past decade of global disinflation may well be an unsung benefit of globalization—something that should give the antiglobalizers pause, particularly since lower inflation tends to help the poor the most.
December 2003

More Cheerleading or More Whistle-Blowing? PDF file (336 Kb)
by Kenneth S. Rogoff - The IMF should speak out more clearly and forcefully when it thinks countries may be headed for trouble.
September 2003

Unlocking Growth in Africa PDF file (46 Kb)
By Kenneth S. Rogoff - Aid is desperately needed for humanitarian purposes, but it cannot be the engine of growth.
June 01, 2003

A Vote Against Grandiose Schemes
By Kenneth S. Rogoff - Trying to regiment coordination of dollar, yen, and euro monetary policy isn't worth the risks and costs
March 01, 2003

Rethinking capital controls: When should we keep an open mind?
By Kenneth S. Rogoff - Rethinking capital controls: When should we keep an open mind?
December 01, 2002

Moral Hazard in IMF Loans: How Big a Concern?
By Kenneth S. Rogoff - The evidence on the existence of moral hazard in IMF loans is somewhat mixed, despite the excellent repayment record to date. But the evidence does not suggest that the moral hazard element has been nearly as large as conjectured by some critics (including me, as an academic in the 1980s).
September 01, 2002

Why Are G-3 Exchange Rates So Fickle?
By Kenneth S. Rogoff - The mystery of the volatility of the world's three key currencies continues, despite leading economist Rudiger Dornbusch's path-breaking insights.
June 01, 2002

The Surprising Popularity of Paper Currency
By Kenneth S. Rogoff - Will the global underground economy be the prime destination for those large euro notes?
March 01, 2002