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Quotas Updated Calculations
August 27, 2004

Report of the IMF Executive Board to the IMFC on Quotas, Voice and Representation
September 12, 2003

Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Discusses Quota Distribution Issues
August 29, 2003

Alternative Quota Formulas-Considerations
September 27, 2001

Report to the IMF Executive Board of the Quota Formula Review Group
April 12, 2001

Quotas, Governors, & Voting Power

IMF Quotas -- A Factsheet

Quota Distribution—Selected Issues

Prepared by the Finance Department
(In cooperation with other departments)

July 17, 2003

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Executive Summary
I.   Introduction
II.   Quota Formulas: Further Considerations on Variables
  A.   Incorporating Capital Account Variables in Quota Formulas
  B.   Correlation of Variables in Quota Formulas
III.   Quota Adjustment Process
  A.   Characteristics of the Adjustment Process
  B.   Quota Distribution Methods Used in the Past
  C.   Methods to Address Out of Lineness
IV.   Basic Votes
V.   Conclusions and Issues for Discussion
  1.   Distribution of Quotas and of Updated Quota Formula Variables
  2.   General Reviews of Quotas
  3.   Impact of Hypothetical Fifty Percent Quota Increase
  4.   Relative Importance of Basic Votes, 1945–Present
  1.   Quota Formulas Discussed by the Executive Board: Specification of Variables
  2.   Development of International Investment Position (IIP) Statistics
  3.   Factors that Affect Adjustments in Quota Distribution
  I.   Methods to Effect Changes in the Quota Distribution
  II.   Quotas and Updated Variables by Member
Appendix Tables
  A.1. Adjustment Coefficients and Convergence Indices
  A.2. Ad Hoc Increases in Fund Quotas Outside General Quota Reviews
Appendix Boxes
  A.1. Existing Quota Formulas
  A.2. Selective and Ad Hoc Quota Increases in the Context of General Reviews