IMF Finances

Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Discusses Quota Distribution Issues
August 29, 2003

Quota Distribution—Selected Issues
July 17, 2003

Alternative Quota Formulas-Considerations
September 27, 2001

Report to the IMF Executive Board of the Quota Formula Review Group
April 12, 2001

Quotas, Governors, & Voting Power

Quotas & Quota Reviews

Quotas—Updated Calculations

Prepared by the Finance Department
In consultation with other departments

August 27, 2004

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I.   Introduction
II.   Status of Quota Discussions
III.   Updated Quota Calculations
Text Table
1.   Distribution of Quotas and of Updated Quota Formula Variables
Text Boxes
1.   Recent Board Discussions on Quota Formulas
2.   Quota Formulas Discussed by the Executive Board: Specification of Variables
I.   The Five Existing Quota Formulas
II.   Selection of the Database, Derivation of Quota Variables, and Other Issues
Appendix Box
3.   Methodological Issues
Statistical Appendix Tables
A1.   Quotas and Updated Quota Variables by Member
A2.   Data Used for Quantification of Existing Five Quota Formulas
A3.   Distribution of International Investment Position of Reporting Members