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The IMF Regional Technical Assistance and Training Centers a factsheet

Technical Assistance a factsheet

Africa Regional Technical Assistance Centers (AFRITACs) Independent Mid-term Evaluation:
Volume I—Final Report

By Independent Evaluation Team

April 2005

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1.  Introduction
2.  Methodology
  2.1 Overall Approach
  2.2 Key Approaches to Data Collection
  2.3 Methodological Limitations
  2.4 Team Composition
3.  The AFRITAC Initiative
  3.1 Background
  3.2 The AFRITACs
  3.3 AFRITAC Funding and Budgets
  3.4 Management of Funds
4.  Technical Assistance and Training Using a Regional Approach
  4.1 AFRITACs' Value Added
  4.2  Fulfillment of AFRITAC Objectives
  4.3 Enhancing Stakeholder Cooperation
5.  Conclusions and Recommendations
  5.1 Conclusion
  5.2  Recommendations
  Appendix I—Terms of Reference
  Appendix II—Evaluation matrix
  Appendix III—Evaluation Timeline
  Appendix IV—List of Consulted Documents
  Appendix V—List of People Interviewed during Field Mission
  Appendix VI—Summaries of Key Meetings
  Appendix VII—Review of Selected Projects
  Appendix VIII—Results of Online Questionnaire Administered to Non-Visited Countries
  Appendix IX—AFRITAC Staffing
  Appendix X—Support Staff Position Descriptions
  Appendix XI—Person-weeks Managed by East and West AFRITAC
  Appendix XII—Financial Contributions
  Appendix XIII—AFRITAC 3-Year Budget and Expenditures
  Appendix XIV—Interviewed Agencies Receiving, or Planned To Receive, AFRITAC Assistance
  Appendix XV—Monitoring Capacity Building in Benefiting Agencies
  Appendix XVI—Criteria used by IMF/IBRD in scoring HIPC country performance on PEM benchmarks

Boxes, Tables and Charts
  Box 3.1 - Capacity Building
Box 3.2 - Project Objectives
Box 3.3 - Steering Committee Meetings
Box 3.4 - Center Coordinator's Responsibilities
Box 3.5 - Resident Advisors' Responsibilities
Box 3.6 - East AFRITAC - Designing the Work Plan
Box 3.7 - West AFRITAC - Designing the Work Plan
Box 4.1 - Categories of Interventions by AFRITAC Advisors and Short-Term Experts
Box 4.2 - Comparison of AFRITAC and Short HQ Missions
Box 4.3 - Comparison of AFRITAC and Peripatetic Regionally Based Advisors
Box 4.4 - Comparison of AFRITAC and Long-Term Advisors
Box 4.5 - Comparison of AFRITAC and IMF Institute Training
Box 4.6 - Some Divided Opinions on Initial Needs Assessment
Box 4.7 - Complementarity of TA Delivered by AFRITACs and the IMF TA Departments
Box 4.8 - Commitment & Support
Box 4.9 - Regional Agencies' Commitment and Support

Table 3.1 - PRSP Preparation Status (2002 versus 2004)
Table 3.2 - Steering Committee Composition
Table 3.3 - Time Allocation of AFRITAC Resident Advisors
Table 3.4 - AFRITAC Work Programs, Sum of Calendar Years 2003 & 2004
Table 3.5 - Subject Areas Covered by AFRITAC TA Missions
Table 3.6 - AFRITACS' Budget and Funding
Table 4.1 - Distribution of Long- and Short-Term Experts in the IMF TA to East AFRITAC Countries
Table 4.2 - AFRITAC Budgeted Costs, FYs 2003-2007a
Table 4.3 - Typical Direct Cost of Selected Technical Assistance Delivery Modes, FY 2003
Table 4.4 - Unit (Per Day) Costs of Alternative Modes of Technical Assistance Delivery
Table 4.5 - Impact on AFRITAC Unit Costs of Attributing Full IMF/Headquarters Staff Costs
Table 4.6 - Daily Costs Comparison between AFRITAC Advisors and Long-term/peripatetic regionally-based IMF advisors
Table 4.7 - IMF-Managed TA to AFRITAC Member and Nonmember Countries, FYs 1998-2004
Table 4.8 - AFRITAC Budgeted Work Months & Costs, FY 2003-20071
Table 4.9 - Allocation of AFRITAC TA Time Between Centers and Field - 2004

Chart 3.1 - Distribution of Time by AFRITAC Resident Advisors Chart 4.1 - IMF Expert Field Delivery, FYs 1998-2004
Chart 4.2 - IMF Expert Field Delivery, FYs 1998-2004
Chart 4.3 - IMF-Managed TA to AFRITAC Member & Nonmember Countries for 1998-2004