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Africa Regional Technical Assistance Centers (AFRITACs) Independent Mid-term Evaluation: Volume I - Final Report, April 1, 2005

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Conclusions of the Task Force on IMF Technical Assistance

Prepared by the Office of Technical Assistance Management

July 12, 2005

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Executive Summary
I.  Introduction
II.  The IEO's Major Findings and Recommendations
III.  Ongoing Efforts to Strengthen Effectiveness
IV.  Proposed Action Plan
  A.   Medium-Term, Country-Focused Technical Assistance Framework
  B.   Better Tracking of Technical Assistance Implementation
  C.   Increased Stakeholders’ Ownership
  D.   Discussion of Alternative Technical Solutions
  E.   More Systematic Ex Post Evaluations
  F.   Discontinuation of Prioritization Filters
V.  Management and Organizational Change
  A.   Incentives and Work Practices
  B.   Efficient Allocation of TA Resources
VI.  Resource Implications
VII.  Conclusions and Next Steps
1.   Summary of the Task Force’s Proposals
1.  Strengthening the Strategic Approach
2.  Technical Assistance Information Management System (TAIMS)
3.  Technical Consultations and TACSNs
4.  Next Steps
I.  Country Sectoral Notes
II.  Selected Technical Assistance Terminology