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Africa Regional Technical Assistance Centers (AFRITACs) Independent Mid-term Evaluation: Volume I - Final Report, April 1, 2005

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The IMF Regional Technical Assistance and Training Centers a factsheet

Technical Assistance a factsheet

Review of the Fund's Regional Technical Assistance Centers

Prepared by the Office of Technical Assistance Management
(In consultation with other Departments)

June 28, 2005

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Executive Summary
I.  Introduction
II.  Establishment of the Regional TA Centers and Key Characteristics
III.  Value Added of the Regional Technical Assistance Centers
  A.   Summary Findings of the Independent Evaluations
  B.   Has the Fund Provided Additionality through RTACs?
  C.   The Fund as a Stakeholder
  D.   Complementarity Between RTAC and Other Fund Training
IV.  Organizational Lessons and Implications
  A.   Integration of the RTAC Activities in the TA Program
  B.   Quality Control and Accountability
  C.   Resource and Staffing Issues.
  D.   RTACs from the Perspective of the IEO Evaluation of the Fund’s TA
  E.   Implications
V.  Cost Effectiveness of the Centers
  A.   RTAC Costs
  B.   Cost Effectiveness of the RTACs and Other TA Modalities
VI.  Financing of the RTACs
VII.  Conclusions
  A.   Experience with the Current RTACs
  B.   Management Challenges Associated with the RTACs
  C.   Next Steps
VIII.  Issues for Discussion
1.   An Alternative Regional TA Modality—Regional Advisors
1.   TA Delivered to All Countries
2.   TA Delivered to RTAC Beneficiary Countries
3.   FAD, MFD, and STA TA Delivery in the AFR Region
4.   External financing of RTACs and Fund TA
1.   Training Seminars and Workshops Organized by the RTACs in FY 2005
2.   Costs of the Regional Technical Assistance Centers
3.   Indicative Cost to the Fund of Various Technical Assistance
Delivery Modalities, FY 2004
4.   Sources of Finance of Other TA Modalities, FY 2003–FY 2005
I.   Regional Technical Assistance Centers—Main Characteristics
II.   Survey of Fund Headquarters, Staff, and Resident Representatives
Appendix Tables
1.   Regional Technical Assistance Centers—Main Characteristics of Countries Served
2.   Regional Technical Assistance Centers—Main Characteristics of Funding and Resources
3.   Survey of Fund Headquarters, Staff, and Resident Representatives