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This webpage draws together a number of papers that have been presented to the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments relating to the estimation of travel services in the balance of payments. These papers are made available in order to assist country compilers in sharing experiences in data collection for and compilation of the balance of payments services component travel.

  • Compiling the Travel Expenditure of France's Balance of Payments and the Specific Case of the Internet Users Survey (BOPCOM-03/41)
  • Overview of the Implementation of Surveys on Tourism in France (BOPCOM-02/22)
  • Bilateral Comparisons of Travel Transactions (BOPCOM-02/23)
  • Research on International Experiences in Measuring Visitor Expenditure Associated with Inbound Tourism (BOPCOM-02/38)
  • Report of the Chairman of the Technical Group on Travel to the Balance of Payments Working Group (BOPCOM-01/38)
  • Evolution in France of Data Collection for "Travel" in the Prospect of the Monetary Union Cash Changeover (BOPCOM-01/41)
  • Technical Group "Travel" Report (BOPCOM-00/29)
  • A Household Survey for Data Collection on Travel in Germany (BOPCOM-00/38)
  • Improving Travel in Chile's Balance of Payments (BOPCOM-00/40)
  • The Travel Data for Germany after the Introduction of Euro Banknotes in 2002 (BOPCOM99/36)
  • Sample Survey on Italian International Tourism (BOPCOM96/1/13)
  • Bilateral Comparisons of Travel Transactions of Selected Countries (BOPCOM94/2/6) CAUTION: This paper is being provided as the methodology used for the reconciliation is interesting; the data are out of date and may be misleading.
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