Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide (Second Edition)

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Prepared by the Staffs of the International Monetary Fund and the OECD

October 29, 2003

©2003 International Monetary Fund

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1. Background
  The 1997 SIMSDI Survey
  The 2001 SIMSDI Update
2. Key Findings of the 2001 SIMSDI Update
  Areas of Significant Improvement Since the 1997 SMISDI Survey
    Data Availability
    Data Coverage
  Areas Where More Than 75 Percent of the Countries Surveyed Follow the Applicable International Standards
  Areas Where, Despite Improvements, the Majority of the Countries Surveyed Do Not Yet Follow the Applicable International Standards
3. Data
  Data Availability
    Data Reported to the International Organizations
    Periodicity of the Disseminated FDI Transactions Data
    Periodicity of the Disseminated FDI Position Data
    Timeliness of the Disseminated FDI Transactions Data
    Timeliness of the Disseminated FDI Position Data
  Data Sources
    Sources for the FDI Transactions Data
    Sources for the FDI Position Data
  Geographic and Industrial Classifications
    Availability of Geographic Breakdowns of FDI Statistics
    Principles Used for the Geographic Allocation of FDI Statistics
    Availability of Industrial Breakdowns of FDI Statistics
    Basis for Industrial Allocation of FDI Statistics
4. Definition of Direct Investment Enterprises and Direct Investors
  Identification of Direct Investment Enterprises
  Identification of Direct Investors
  Treatment of Indirectly Owned Direct Investment Enterprises
5. Direct Investment Income
  Measurement of Direct Investment Earnings
  Elements of Direct Investment Income
  Time of Recording of Direct Investment Income
  Items Included in the Data on Direct Investment Income on Debt (Interest)
6. Direct Investment Capital
  Components of Direct Investment Capital
    Items Included in Equity Capital
    Items Included in Other Capital
    Transactions Between Affiliated Banks and Between Affiliated Financial Intermediaries
  Reverse Investment
    Treatment of Reverse Investment When the FDI Relationship Is in One Direction Only
    Treatment of Reverse Investment When Two FDI Relationships Have Been Established
7. Valuation of Assets and Liabilities in FDI Position Data
8. Special Cases
  Quasi-Corporations: Construction Enterprises and Operation of Mobile Equipment
  Nonresident Ownership of Land and Buildings
  Activities of Offshore Enterprises
  Activities of Special Purpose Entities (SPEs)
  Expenditure on Natural Resources Exploration

  I. 2001 SIMSDI Update: Cross-Country Comparison Tables
      Conventions Used
      List of Tables
  II. Foreign Direct Investment Terms and Definitions