World MapIMF Government Finance Statistics Advisory Committee (GFSAC)

The IMF Government Finance Statistics Advisory Committee (GFSAC) is a group of internationally recognized experts that advises the IMF on government finance statistics-related matters. It was established in 2014 and includes compilers and users of fiscal statistics (government finance statistics and public sector debt statistics), and representatives of relevant international organizations. Its terms of reference were expanded in 2018 to foster the compilation and dissemination of high-quality comparable fiscal data for surveillance and decision-making.

The objectives of the GFSAC are as follow:

  • Foster the compilation and dissemination of high-quality fiscal statistics in emerging and low-income economies;
  • Promote the analytical usefulness of annual and sub-annual fiscal data for internal and external users;
  • Provide guidance to countries with less developed statistical systems; and
  • Foster collaboration with Fund area departments in enhancing the provision of high-quality and timely country data for surveillance. Methodological integrity of the GFS and related guidance;

The GFSAC will complement the work of other international expert statistical advisory committees, including the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts and the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments.

Alongside these other international statistical expert committees, the GFSAC has an important role in the updating of the international macroeconomic statistical standards. To guide this work the GFSAC has agreed a strategy which provides a framework for the establishment of GFS priority areas and the effective engagement of the GFS community.

GFSAC Terms of Reference

Meetings of the GFSAC: 2019; 2017; 2015

GFSAC Reports: 2015

Strategy to Implement Work Program 2015-17