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Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Questionnaires, Templates, and Classification Assistants

Last Updated: October 13, 2016

This webpage provides information on various aspects related to the compilation of statistics according to the GFSM 2014. Comments on any of the material posted on this webpage should be sent to


Annual GFS Questionnaire, July 2016

Download the annual GFS questionnaire:

عربي Excel Format (749kb)
English Excel Format (597kb)
ChineseExcel Format (622kb)
Español Excel Format (629kb)
Français Excel Format (629kb)
Русский Excel Format (616kb)

GFS compilers in member countries can also send an e-mail to to request an electronic copy of this Questionnaire.

Background information to the GFSM 2014 annual GFS Questionnaire:

Guidelines for responding to the GFSM 2014 questionnaire Main changes from the GFSM 2001-based questionnaire Overview of changes in classifications from GFSM 2001 to GFSM 2014
عربي عربي عربي
English English English
Español Español Español
Français Français Français
Русский Русский Русский

High-Frequency GFS Questionnaire, April 2010

Download the high-frequency GFS questionnaire with guidelines:
English Excel Format or PDF Format (496kb)
Español Excel Format or PDF Format (544kb)
Français Excel Format or PDF Format (511kb)
Русский Excel Format or PDF Format (636kb)
GFS compilers in member countries can also send an e-mail to to request an electronic copy of this Questionnaire.

Classification Assistants

GFS Classification Assistant Tool

To facilitate compilation of government finance statistics (GFS) following the classifications and presentation of the Government Finance Statistics Manual 2001 (GFSM 2001) an Excel based tool has been developed by STA. There are two versions of the Classification Assistant, one for a single sector and multiple periods (MultiPeriod), and another one for a single period and multiple sectors (MultiSector). The tool allows national compilers to easily convert their fiscal data in national format to the GFSM 2001 format. Compilers may also find it helpful when converting their fiscal data to consult Classification of the GFSM 1986 Data to the GFSM 2001 Framework, which appears below.

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