Government Finance Statistics Advisory Committee (GFSAC)
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Meeting of the IMF Government Finance Statistics Advisory Committee (GFSAC)
Washington, D.C., March 9–10, 2015

Agenda (GFSAC-15/01)

List of Documents (GFSAC-15/02)

Summary of Discussions (Paper and Presentation) (GFSAC-15/20)

Government Finance Statistics—State of Play and Future Directions

State of Play and Future Directions: Presentation by IMF Statistics Department (GFSAC-15/03)

GFSM Implementation Strategies and Key Challenges

GFS in Latin America, General Government versus onfinancial Public Sector and Coverage of Central Banks: Paper and Presentation by Hector Hernandez, Chile (GFSAC-15/04); Presentation on Government Finance Statistics in Brazil

GFS in Africa—Expanding from the Budgetary to the General Government and Using Statistical Techniques to Analyze the Materiality of the Broader Coverage: Report and Presentation by IMF Statistics Department(GFSAC-15/05)

Moving from Cash to Accrual Recording—Key Challenges: Presentation by Pridon Aslanikashvili (Georgia) (GFSAC-15/06)

Communication with Users

Linking GFS, Budget, and Auditing Data and Information: Presentation by Gerhard Steger (Austria) (GFSAC-15/07)

Challenges to Communicate with Policy Makers and the Media: Presentation by Eurostat (GFSAC-15/08)

Government Revenues from Natural Resources: Presentation by IMF Statistics Department (GFSAC-15/09)

Accounting Data as Major Source for GFS—Progress and Remaining Issues to Harmonize Accounting and GFS Standards: Presentation by International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB) (GFSAC-15/10)

Public Sector Coverage—A New Frontier

Outcome of 10 Fiscal Transparency Assessments: Presentation by IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department (GFSAC-15/11)

Public Sector versus Public Nonfinancial Sector: Presentation by Seung Hyun Hong (Republic of Korea) (GFSAC-15/12)

Balance Sheet and Debt Data

Risks and Spillovers: Use of National Balance Sheet Data: Presentation by IMF Strategy, Policy, and Review Department (GFSAC-15/13); Comments by Joăo Cadete de Matos

Long-term Liabilities for Social Security and Employment Related Pensions: Paper and Presentation by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (GFSAC-15/14)

Progress with globally comparable government debt data: Paper and Presentation by IMF Statistics Department (GFSAC-15/15)

Walking the Tightrope: Improving the Presentation of Public Debt: Presentation by Michael Davies (Australia) (GFSAC-15/16)

GFS Research Agenda

Contingent Liabilities: Presentation by Pamela Kelly (USA) (GFSAC-15/17)

The treatment of concessional loans in the government accounts: Presentation by European Central Bank (GFSAC-15/18)

GFS and the 2008 SNA Research Agenda: Paper and Presentation by IMF Statistics Department (GFSAC-15/19)