International Monetary Fund

Executive Board Documents Collection

Last Updated: July 28, 2017

Main Executive Board Series

BUFF Documents

Informal papers that include statements by staff representatives at Executive Board meetings, and statements, remarks, and summings up by the Chairman. Buff documents are later included in the records of the meetings to which they refer.

Executive Board Administrative Matters (EBAM)

Papers on Executive Board administrative matters, such as representation, staffing of offices, and travel.

Executive Board Administrative Papers (EBAP)

Papers on administrative, personnel, and budgetary matters, as well as notifications of the absence of the Managing Director and Deputy Managing Directors.

Executive Board Committees

Individual series for Executive Board committee papers and minutes; each series is set up by the Secretary's Department as the need arises.

Executive Board Documents (EBD)

Papers requiring action by, or for the information of, the Executive Board, such as requests for release of information, poverty reduction strategy papers and associated joint staff assessments, monthly reports on foreign exchange and financial markets, and changes in exchange arrangements or representative rates.

Executive Board Minutes (EBM)

Summary minutes of Executive Board meetings.

Executive Board Seminars

Summary minutes of Executive Board Seminars.

Executive Board Specials (EBS)

Reports that are for consideration by, or information of, the Executive Board, such as the use of Fund resources under various Fund facilities, arrangements, and overdue obligations.

GRAY documents

Informal papers that include the preliminary version of Executive Directors' statements to the Executive Board, generally circulated shortly before a Board meeting.

Staff Memoranda (SM)

Studies and reports prepared by the staff for consideration by, or information of, the Executive Board, such as staff reports for Article IV consultations with members, papers on selected issues, statistical annexes, and policy papers.

Surveillance documents (SUR)

Papers that include summings up of Executive Board meetings concerned with the exercise by the Fund of surveillance under Article IV, that is, regular, special, and ad hoc consultations with members under Article IV; world economic outlook discussions; and policy, procedures, and periodic reviews pertaining to surveillance.

Managing Director's Speeches (MD/SP)

Speeches by the Managing Director circulated for information. Searchable via FundWise and available on the Fund's external Website.

Press Releases (PR)

Public announcements issued to report major policy decisions, financial operations, new members, changes in management and department heads, and so forth. The texts of press releases are also published in the IMF Survey and communicated by the Fund to members.

Public Information Notices (PINs)

Press notices issued (i) to strengthen IMF surveillance over the economic policies of member countries by increasing the transparency of the IMF's assessment of these policies; and (ii) to increase the transparency of the IMF's activities.