International Monetary Fund

IMF Seeks Views on the Stability of International Monetary System

Last Updated: March 19, 2019

Key questions the paper strives to address on International Monetary Stability (IMS):

The current international monetary system has demonstrated its resilience, but episodically concerns have arisen about the stability of the main reserve assets, as well as access of countries to international capital markets. These problems have been manifested in recent years by the high and growing demand for reserve assets, concentrated on a narrow supply, and an asymmetric adjustment across countries with surplus economies facing fewer pressures to adjust than deficit countries that do not issue reserve assets

  • What reforms could be considered to improve the system?
  • Could an increased role of the SDR over the longer term help, and should consideration be given to a new globally-issued reserve asset?


We request that comments be submitted by May 15th 2010, to allow their consideration for the review. Contributions can be sent through