International Monetary Fund

This page lists contributions to Fund lending capacity made in 2009 in response to a call by the G20. For information on current efforts to bolster lending capacity

Bolstering the IMF's Lending Capacity

Last Updated: March 20, 2019

The Group of Twenty industrialized and emerging market economies agreed on April 2, 2009 to triple the Fund's lending capacity to $750 billion, enabling it to inject extra liquidity into the world economy during this time of crisis. The additional support will come from several sources, including contributions from member countries. Here is a list of countries that have pledged to help boost the Fund's lending capacity (in chronological order).

Japan - $100 Billion

European Union - $178 Billion

Norway - $4.5 Billion

Canada - $10 Billion

Switzerland - $10 Billion

United States - $100 Billion

Korea - At least $10 Billion

Australia - $5.7 Billion

Russia - Up to $10 Billion

China - Up to $50 Billion

Brazil - Up to $10 Billion

India - Up to $10 Billion

Singapore - $1.5 Billion

Chile - $1.6 Billion