International Monetary Fund

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The IMF: Making a Difference

Traders at Sao Paulo's stock exchange, January 2008. (photo: Sebastião Moreira/epa/Corbis)

John Lipsky, the IMF's First Deputy Managing Director, called March 12 on governments worldwide to "think the unthinkable" so that they can better anticipate and react to potential global economic risks.


Don't downsize the fire station of the global economy

February 7, 2008
"In many ways, the global economy needs the IMF's intellectual and policy leadership more than ever..." click for more

Global head of Currency Research at Morgan Stanley, Stephen L. Jen

IMF playing active role in helping resolve subprime crisis

January 25, 2008
"I think the IMF has played a very active role (in the current financial crisis). They are participating in the FSF process, so I think the IMF is very engaged." click for more

U.S. Treasury Under Secretary of International Affairs, David McCormick

Creating an IMF substitution account would help solve dollar problem

December 10, 2007
"...early adoption of a substitution account would minimise the risks of adjustment of the present imbalances and the inevitable structural shift to a bipolar monetary system based on the euro as well as the dollar." click for more

Fred Bergsten, Director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics

IMF will be needed in times of crisis

May 2007
"We may not see any looming crisis now, but economic and financial conditions can change with alarming speed, and crises are bound to recur. We will then look to the Fund to deal with them..." click for more

Professor Peter Kenen, Council of Foreign Relations