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Updated IMF Quota Data—June 2010

Last Updated: July 28, 2017

In its April 2010 Communiqué, the IMFC pledged to complete the Fourteenth General Review of Quotas before January 2011. This followed an earlier call by the IMFC to bring forward the deadline for completing the review by two years. To help meet the tight deadline, IMF staff has updated individual member country data for the variables used in the quota formula for the period 1996-2008; the tables include the comparable value of each variable for the previous quota update, which was based on data covering the period 1995-2007. The information is presented in millions of SDRs (Table A1) and in percent of their respective global totals (Tables A2 and A3).

A table showing calculated quota shares (CQS) based on the quota formula is also included (Table A4). The quota formula provides a simpler and more transparent means of capturing members’ relative positions in the global economy and includes a GDP variable, which is a blend of GDP at market rates and GDP at PPP exchange rates, openness, variability, and international reserves (see Box 1 in Reform of Quota and Voice in the International Monetary Fund-Draft Report of the Executive Board to the Board of Governors).

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