International Monetary Fund

2011 Triennial Surveillance Review

Last Updated: July 28, 2017

The IMF reviews the effectiveness of its economic analysis and policy advice—known as surveillance—every three years. The latest of these ‘Triennial Surveillance Reviews’ was completed by the IMF’s Executive Board in October 2011.

Important progress has been made in strengthening IMF surveillance since the previous review in 2008. However, the latest review identified remaining gaps, drawing in large part on lessons from the global financial crisis. It sets out a series actions to strengthen how the IMF assesses risks and prospects for economies around the world, and gives policy advice, with a view to reducing the likelihood of next crises, and threats to global stability.

The 2011 review marked a departure from previous reviews. It took a comprehensive approach, covering both bilateral and multilateral surveillance. It also drew extensively from feedback from all major stakeholders, analysis by IMF staff, as well as from studies and commentaries by external experts. For the first time, the review was assessed and endorsed by an independent External Advisory Group.

2011 Triennial Surveillance Review Documents

Managing Director's Action Plan

IMF Staff Reports

External Commentaries

External Studies

Report of the External Advisory Group