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Revision of the International Labour Organization Manual on CPI

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Developing a Revised Manual for the PPI (TEG-PPI)

Last Updated: November 14, 2005

This website is specifically dedicated to having an open and full discussion of the material that will appear in the new PPI Manual. The purpose of the discussion group is to elicit comments and to promote discussion on specific topics in the PPI Manual. The authors and editor of the draft chapters on this site bear the sole responsibility for both the substance and the style of the contents. As such, the views expressed in the draft chapters are not to be attributed to the IMF.

The Technical Expert Groups on the Producer Price Index (TEG-PPI) and on the Consumer Price Index (TEG-CPI) were formed under the aegis of the Inter-secretariat Working Group on Price Statistics (IWGPS) to produce manuals on international best practice in compiling producer price statistics and consumer price statistics, respectively. (More background information on the IWGPS can be found at Revision of the International Labour Organization Manual on CPI .) The IWGPS has designated the IMF as coordinating agency for the TEG-PPI. The membership of the Technical Expert Groups on the CPI and PPI comprises professionals from national statistical offices (NSOs), international organizations, and recognized experts in the field of price index theory, methodology, and compilation. In addition, comments from other users and practitioners are strongly encouraged.

The CPI and PPI Manuals are being developed in parallel and are being designed with consistent structure, terminology, and notation wherever appropriate. Draft documents and commentary on the PPI manual are organized at this site according to the latest outline structure for the manual. For information, discussions, and comments, draft chapters will be made available here when they are distributed to commentators for review. To facilitate a focused discussion, your comments will be organized by chapter using the table appearing below. Responses can also be sent by email to or facsimile (+1 202 623 6028).

The table below provides links to the PPI Manual chapters. The documents below are the final page proofs of the Manual.

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Revised PPI Manual

Chapter Title Page Proofs
  Contents and Foreword August 2004
  Preface August 2004
  Reader's guide August 2004
  1 Abbreviations and Introduction August 2004
  2 Background, purposes, and uses of Producer Price Indices August 2004
  3 Coverage and classifications August 2004
  4 Weights and their sources August 2004
  5 Sampling issues in price collection August 2004
  6 Price collection August 2004
  7 Treatment of quality change August 2004
  8 Item substitution, sample space, and new goods August 2004
  9 PPI calculation in practice August 2004
10 Treatment of specific products August 2004
11 Errors and bias in the PPI August 2004
12 Organization and management August 2004
13 Publication, dissemination, and user relations August 2004
14 The system of price statistics August 2004
15 Basic index number theory August 2004
16 Axiomatic and stochastic approach August 2004
17 Economic approach August 2004
18 Aggregation issues August 2004
19 Price indices using an artificial data set August 2004
20 Elementary indices August 2004
21 Quality change and hedonics August 2004
22 Treatment of seasonal products August 2004
  Glossary August 2004
  Bibliography and Index August 2004