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IMF Essay Contest 2012 - Winners 受賞者

The 3 winners of the 2012 IMF Essay contest will be invited to attend the 2013 IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings, as part of the Youth Fellowship program, in Washington D.C. The IMF will cover their expenses in the U.S.A.


Tomoko Kaida

Tomoko Kaida is a third-year student of School on International Studies of the Kanazawa University. In 2010 she co-launched non-for-profit initiative christened Kanazawa Centre for Strategic Communications which aims to provide direct cultural assistance and promote understanding between the Japanese and the increasing number of foreign nationals that are staying in Japan for educational and business purposes. In 2011, Tomoko Kaida was selected by the U.S. Department of State to take part in the U.S. Institute on U.S. Foreign Policy for East Asian Student Leaders... Read Essay


Kenji Nakada

Kenji Nakada is an undergraduate student majoring in economics at the University of Tokyo. He has also studied at the London School of Economics as a General Course student from 2010-2011, under scholarship from the Rotary Foundation. Among other subjects, he has a keen interest in international macroeconomics & monetary policy. He has interned with Citigroup, the Economist & the Bank of Japan, & will join McKinsey & Company in 2013. He originally hails from Shizuoka, Japan & has also lived in Hong Kong. Read Essay


Daisuke Gatanaga

Daisuke Gatanaga was born in Southern California. As a Japanese-American, he has attended Japanese school in the United States since he was a child, and has always felt a strong personal connection with Japan. He is currently a student at Yale University studying Chemistry. Though he is majoring in a hard science, he is interested in international organizations including the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, and, in particular, how they shape Japan-America relations... Read Essay


IMF Essay Contest 2012 Finalists

September 12, 2012

The 2012 Student Essay Contest in Japan has concluded successfully, 96 submissions were received from Japanese nationals from universities of all over Japan & overseas. More than 37 universities participated in the contest, including University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Kanazawa University, Nagoya University, Keio University, Waseda University, among others.


In addition to the 3 winners, the finalists include:

Ms. Yumeka Hirano
Nagoya University
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Mr. Yuta Mizutani
Tokyo University of Technology
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Ms. Yuzuha Oka
University of Tokyo
Read Essay

Mr. Kodai Okano
Osaka University
Read Essay

Ms. Nao Yonemoto
Tokyo Women Christian University
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About the Contest Committee

The IMF, the Japanese Ministry of Finance, and the Bank of Japan thank the students for their interest and participation in this essay contest. The selection committee was composed by Hiroshi Naka and Yasumune Kano, from Ministry of Finance; Tomoyuki Fukumoto and Yasuhiro Fujie, from Bank of Japan; Shogo Ishii, Karla Chaman, and Giovanni Ganelli, from the IMF. Because of the quality of the essays and the relevance of the topics, the selection committee agreed to extend the number of winners from two to three.

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Tokyo Youth Dialogue 2012

Asian Youth, Voicing their Future

The winners, together with students from universities in China, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand will participate in the Youth Dialogue with deputy Managing Director, Ms. Nemat Shafik, during the 2012 Annual Meetings in Tokyo. Ms. Saki Yagi, from Nippon Television Network Corporation, will moderate the event. More more