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World Economic Outlook Data Forum Guidelines for Posts

Last Updated: July 29, 2017

These guidelines apply to all participants of the WEO Data Forum and are intended to foster meaningful discussions and answer any questions on data in the WEO publication or database.

Please familiarize yourself with the following resources before posting in the forum:

If you still have a question after checking these resources, please search the forum to see if your question has already been answered in another post.

Please follow the following guidelines when posting messages:

  • Provide details. When asking a question, please include as much information as possible. If a question is related to data from the WEO database, please include the specific series, country or group name, year, and database version (i.e. April 2008). For questions related to specific data in the WEO, please include the publication issue and, if relevant, chapter, figure, table, page and/or paragraph number.

  • Follow social etiquette and protocol. Please refrain from posting both inappropriate language and content. Personal attacks and rudeness are not acceptable. This also applies when creating a username.

  • Use descriptive titles for your posts. Descriptive titles will help other users identify posts that are of interest to them, while posts with vague titles such as "Help!" or "Urgent question!" will likely be ignored.

  • Please try to write your posts in English using correct spelling and grammar. Avoid using "instant message" language, slang, abbreviations, and unfamiliar acronyms.

  • Don't double post. Please allow the WEO team three business days to respond. Do not post a blank message to move it to the top of the listings.

  • No advertising or solicitation is permitted.

  • Don't duplicate threads. Before posting messages, please familiarize yourself with the forum, and use the forum search feature to locate any prior threads that may have already answered questions identical to yours.

  • Don't post information that is too personal. Remember, all messages are public and will be viewed by many others.

The WEO team reserves the right to block messages which do not follow these guidelines.