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Middle East Youth Dialog Students Speak Out

What are the most pressing economic policy priorities in the post-crisis world? In early 2010, students at some of the top universities in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan sat down to debate this question at a series of roundtable discussions with the IMF

Watch students from across the region talk about what they see as the biggest problems their country faces and possible solutions.
Question 1: What is the single most pressing economic problem facing your generation?
Question 2: If you were a policymaker, what would your top policy priority be?
Question 3: How have you been personally affected by the global economic crisis?
Question 4: What do you think of the IMF Youth Dialog?
Question 5: Has your opinion of the IMF changed as a result of todays roundtable?

The Youth Dialog is an IMF-sponsored initiative aimed at engaging with the next generation of the regions leaders. The objective of the initiative is to work with university students to gain their perspectives on their economic future and to contribute to the evolution of their views on the policy measures that will be needed to secure sustainable economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa.