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Spring Meetings Seminars

The Political Economy of Subsidy Reform:
Lessons for the MENA Region

Thursday, April 19, 2012, 4:30–5:30 p.m.
IMF HQ 2, Conference Hall 1

Webcast: The Political Economy of Subsidy Reform: Lessons for the MENA Region
Abderrahim Foukara,
Al Jazeera,
Washington DC Bureau Chief


José Antonio González Anaya

José Antonio
González Anaya

of Finance, Mexico

Nemat Shafik

Nemat Shafik
Deputy Managing

Mehmet Şimşek

Mehmet Şimşek
Minister of Finance,

Umayya Toukan

Umayya Toukan
Minister of Finance,


Al Jazeera,
Washington DC Bureau Chief


2011 was a historic year for the MENA region. Social and political upheaval in many countries triggered unprecedented change throughout the region that will take years to fully play out. Expectations for a better life and a more equitable economic system are high, but the challenges for policymakers to meet them are enormous. Fiscal reform that is effi cient and fair is key to promoting inclusive growth.

This panel discussion will focus on the experience of countries from MENA and outside the region in carrying out reform of subsidies, which in the MENA region are both unsustainably high and ineffi cient. Panelists will discuss how governments can address the challenges of phasing out universal price subsidies and introduce more targeted forms of social protection, and what lessons can be drawn for the MENA region.

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