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Stimulating a Green Recovery


Letter from the Editor


Remittances in Development

Dilip Ratha, Ralph Chami, and Connel Fullenkamp
Two sides of an important question. Dilip Ratha argues that funds repatriated by migrant workers play an important role in economic development. Ralph Chami and Connel Fullenkamp say remittances are not a good solution to problems of poverty and development.

People in Economics

The People’s Professor

Prakash Loungani
Joseph Stiglitz has always taken the side of the “little guy,” and he won the Nobel prize in economics for research on how uneven information leads to unfair market outcomes. His career has spanned academia, U.S. policymaking, authoring a top seller, and even documentary film making.

Straight Talk

The Poor Should Not Pay the Price for the Crisis

Dame Barbara Stocking
The global economic crisis has heightened the vulnerability of many poor people in the developing world. How can the major players in the financial world—whose actions lie at the heart of the crisis—help pay for the damage?

Back to Basics

Why Countries Trade

Brad McDonald
International trade makes countries and the world better off, nearly all economists agree. But because there are winners and losers, trade can be a contentious political issue—both domestically and between governments.

Book Reviews

Fool’s Gold, Gillian Tett

Keynes: The Return of the Master, Robert Skidelsky

The Unexplored Keynes and Other Essays: A Socio-Economic Miscellany, Anand Chandavarkar

The Power of Freedom: Uniting Development and Human Rights, Jean-Pierre Chauffour

Data Spotlight

Inflation Drops to Negative Territory

Mick Silver and Kim Zieschang
The global crisis has caused inflation rates to fall almost everywhere, even becoming negative in the advanced economies.

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