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IMF Chile Youth Dialog

Last Updated: July 29, 2017

As part of her first official visit to Chile as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde will meet with university students from the University of Chile and the Catholic University of Chile in a Town Hall on Thursday, December 13.

The purpose of this Town Hall—entitled "Chile’s Next Generation asks the IMF"—is to engage with the next generation of leaders, to get their perspectives on key economic issues and exchange ideas about the challenges young people in the region are facing, their aspirations, their worries, and concerns. Similar youth dialogs have already taken place in other countries of the region, including Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, and Barbados. However, this is the first of its kind by Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

The School of Economics and Business of the University of Chile, in association with Canal 13 and the IMF, are hosting this Town Hall, which will be broadcast live on the websites of the IMF, the University of Chile, and Canal 13. Canal 13 will offer a delayed broadcast of the event.