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Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia

Pre-Graduation Ceremony at The University of Tokyo, July 25, 2014

vol 6. September 2014

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the JISPA, this newsletter, published quarterly for 2014, brings you up-to date information on JISPA events as well as featured alumni and scholars. JISPA provides scholarships for junior government officials of key economic agencies in Asia and the Pacific who wish to undertake graduate studies in related fields at universities in Japan.

This sixth issue introduces the JISPA activities during June-August 2014 specially highlighting the thesis presentation conducted on June 23, 2014. Ms. Tatum, from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (the Central Bank of the Philippines), has also contributed an article as a representative among the current scholars.


JISPA Seminar

JISPA Thesis Presentation and Farewell Reception: On June 24, 2014, OAP organized the second JISPA thesis presentation by representatives of graduating scholars to showcase their achievement of their studies under the JISPA. The topics of their thesis varied from macroeconomic policies, monetary and financial policies, to poverty issues. Each presentation was followed by a discussion by a scholar from a different partnership university, then by comments by professors or by an OAP economist (see the program).

As with the last year’s presentations, the speakers were very enthusiastic in presenting their thesis, which were challenged by discussants, commentators, as well as other scholars. Such active discussions contributed to developing deeper insights, including practical policy implications and analysis. Read More

Current Scholar

I will utilize my enhanced knowledge in improving my own work, imparting my technical skills to my colleagues, and undertaking a study that is highly relevant to my work for my final research paper. The findings of which hopefully could be considered and adopted as part of our regular statistical output in the future.

Ms. Tatum Blaise Tan Ms. Tatum Blaise Tan is currently on study leave from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the Central Bank of the Philippines. She is a 2013-15 JISPA scholar studying at the University of Tokyo. Ms. Tatum likes exploring Japan (going to different places and trying new restaurants) with a diverse set of friends, most of whom she just met in Japan! Read More

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JISPA Farewell Reception
June 23, 2014


Sep 20
Completion of the Orientation Program
Sep 30
JISPA Seminar: "Abenomics: Will the Three Arrows Fry?"
Sep 30
Welcome Reception
Dec 10
AY 2015-16 Application Deadline

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