International Monetary Fund

History of the International Monetary Fund

Tearing Down Walls

The international Monetary Fund 1990-1999

James M. Boughton
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Abbreviations and Acronyms
Prologue: The IMF and the Force of History
I. The Evolving Global Role of the IMF
1. World Without Walls: The Global Economy and the IMF, 1990–1999 PDF
2. Becoming a Universal Institution: Expansion of Membership PDF
3. Working Well with Others? The IMF as Team Player PDF
4. Global Oversight: Strengthening and Broadening IMF Surveillance PDF
5. Many Borrowers; How Many Sizes? IMF Lending and Program Design PDF
II. The IMF and the Transition from Central Planning
6. The Death of Central Planning and the Birth of Markets PDF
7. Russia: From Rebirth to Crisis to Recovery PDF
8. After the Fall: Building Nations out of the Soviet Union PDF
III. The IMF and Emerging Markets
9. Five Fat Years: Recovery from the Debt Crisis, 1990–94  PDF
10. Tequila Hangover: The Mexican Peso Crisis and Its Aftermath PDF
11. Asian Flu: Financial Crisis in the Pacific PDF
12. Boats Against the Current: Coping with a Global Tide PDF
IV. The IMF and Low-Income Countries
13. Policies for Development: From Structural Adjustment to Poverty Reduction and Growth PDF
14. Looking to the Future: The IMF in Africa PDF
V. Institutional Evolution
15. Money Has to Grow: How the Fund Was Financed PDF
16. Carrots and Sticks: Safeguarding the Fund’s Resources PDF
17. Coping with Stress: How the Fund Was Run PDF
Web documents (available online only)
2.A. Special Association Agreement with the Soviet Union PDF
3.A. Report on Bank-Fund Collaboration (1998) PDF
3.B. Agreement between the IMF and the WTO (1996) PDF
4.A. Principles and Procedures of IMF Surveillance PDF
4.B. Operational Guidance to the Staff PDF
4.C. The "Eleven Commandments" PDF
4.D. Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency—Declaration on Principles PDF
4.E. Liberalization of Capital Movements under an Amendment of the Articles PDF
5.A. Systemic Transformation Facility PDF
5.B. Emergency Financing Mechanism PDF
5.C. Supplemental Reserve Facility PDF
5.D. Contingent Credit Lines PDF
5.E. Year 2000 Facility PDF
5.F. Oil Import Window in the CCFF PDF
5.G. Emergency Post-Conflict Assistance PDF
5.H. Currency Stabilization Funds PDF
13.A Establishment of the HIPC Trust PDF
13.B Approval of Off-Market Gold Transactions PDF
15.A The Fourth Amendment PDF
15.B IMF Quotas, 1990–99 PDF
15.C The New Arrangements to Borrow PDF
16.A. The Rights Approach PDF
16.B The Third Amendment PDF
16.C The 1993 Gold Pledge to Protect the ESAF Trust PDF