Building A Top-notch Credit Registry in the West Bank and Gaza


Building sustainable financial and monetary institutions and fortifying administrative capacity has been challenging in the West Bank and Gaza given the tense political and economic environment. With no efficient credit registry system, it was particularly difficult for smaller companies and individuals to gain access to credit, and banks were unable to monitor credit risk effectively.


An IMF regional center based in Lebanon (METAC) worked with the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) to build a modern credit registry system that allows financial institutions to monitor credit more effectively. This included extensive on-the-job training on the use of the system, analyzing the reports, and troubleshooting.


With METAC's assistance, which started in 2008, the PMA implemented an automated, online 24/7 credit registry system that is now among the best credit registries in the Middle East and North Africa region. The PMA, Palestinian banks, and microfinance institutions now use the system to monitor credit risk efficiently. The new registry's implementation has contributed to the expansion of credit to households and small businesses and a significant decline in credit delinquencies and losses.