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Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia

JISPA Thesis Presentation, June 23, 2015, Tokyo

vol 10. September 2015

This JISPA newsletter brings you up-to-date information on JISPA events as well as featured alumni and scholars. JISPA provides scholarships for junior government officials of key economic agencies in Asia and the Pacific who wish to undertake graduate studies in related fields at universities in Japan.

The 10th newsletter features an interview with Ms.WANG Yajing, a former Deputy Chief Representative, the People’s Bank of China Tokyo Representative Office. Her predecessor, Mr. Xue Rui, also contributes an article about his visit to Fukushima prefecture in the summer 2012 after the Great East Japan earthquake. As a current scholar, Mr. Nickson Cabote, the National Economic and Planning Agency, the Philippines, is also interviewed. The JISPA activities during June-August, 2015, are introduced in the "JISPA Today".


JISPA Thesis Presentation and Farewell Reception: The third JISPA Thesis Presentation was held on June 23, 2015. Representatives from each partnership university and the open-track scholar presented their thesis/dissertation on policy issues, with topics ranging from monetary policies, trade, inequality, privatization, to the impact of the financial crises. Each session consisted of a presentation, followed by a discussion by a scholar from a different partnership university, then professors or an OAP economist gave comments, followed by open floor questions (see the program). Please read the scholar’s comment on the thesis presentation.
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Alumni News

I owe the opportunity to work at the Tokyo Representative Office of the People’s Bank of China to the JISPA, as this program provided me with not only the academic knowledge but also the experience of international communication.

Ms. Wang YajingMs. WANG Yajing worked as the Deputy Chief Representative, the People’s Bank of China Tokyo Representative Office, until June 2015. She studied at the International Universtiy of Japan (IUJ) from AY2006-07 until AY2007-08. Read More

Special interview with Mr. Xue Rui

What is still vivid in my mind is Japanese people’s calm and strong character when facing challenges after natural disasters. Across the country, Japanese people showed their strength of solidarity by helping others, and standing patiently in line for water, food and supplies, without looting, or violence.

Mr. Xue RuiMr. Xue Rui is a 2005-07 JISPA alumnus who studied at Yokohama National University. He worked as the Deputy Representative at the People’s Bank of China Tokyo Representative Office during 2009-2012. During his term, he visited Fukushima in the summer of 2012 after the Great East Japan earthquake. Here is the article about his visit. Read More

Current Scholar

I applied only to JISPA primarily because I had already experienced plenty of pleasant encounters with the IMF and its people in the past. Most memorably, when my office was pursuing to develop a DSGE model for the Philippines – we received a lot of support not only in terms of model building but also with precious words of encouragement.

Mr. Nickson CaboteMr. Nickson Cabote is a AY2013-15 scholar studying at the University of Tokyo. He is seconded from the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the Philippines. He likes photography and reading Japanese literature in English (i.e. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Yasunari Kawabata and the contemporary author Haruki Murakami). Read More

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OAP Staff Visit to the Orientation Program, IUJ, August 20, 2015


Sep 4
OAP Seminar: "Reloading Abenomics: Priorities for the Needed Regime Shift"
Sep 18
Completion of the Orientation Program
JISPA Alumni Gathering in Cambodia, Thailand, and Mongolia
Oct 19
OAP Seminar:"China: Recent Developments, Outlook, and Reforms"
Oct 22
JISPA Seminar and Welcome Reception
Nov (TBD)
Meetings with the JISPA Review Committee

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