IMF Survey Issues 2000

Published every two weeks, the IMF Survey, provides topical coverage of the IMF's activities, policies, and research in the context of global economic and financial developments. An annual IMF Survey Supplement provides detailed information on the IMF's organization and on the policy advice, financing, and technical assistance it offers to its member countries.

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December 11, 2000 (1079 kb PDF file)  Boorman on HIPC progress; IMF Board asked to approve $10 billion for Turkey; Fischer on Contingent Credit Lines; global currency?; fiscal decentralization; Emerging Market Financing; Board work program; International Monetary & Trade Conference.
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November 20, 2000 (760 kb PDF file)  IMF Managing Director on transition countries & Europe; IMF Research Conference; support for Argentina; Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics; Blanchard on European unemployment; Russia's noncash transactions; Blinder on lessons of 1990s.
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November 6, 2000 (460 kb PDF file)  The merits of monetary options in developed and emerging market countries; report on Group of 20 meeting in Montreal; joint China-IMF seminars on statistics; controlling HIV/AIDS epidemic in Swaziland; integrating the poor into the official legal system to unleash their economic potential; a new look at debt models and sovereign debt.
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October 23, 2000 (742 kb PDF file)  Implications of aging population in Japan; lessons learned from transition to market economy; review of Annual Meetings seminar program and summary of Governors' statements; asset prices and monetary policy; inflation targeting in emerging markets; and report on UN Millennium Summit.
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October 9, 2000 (3096 kb PDF file)  IMF-World Annual Meetings 2000 (overview, addresses, press conferences, communiques) and Evaluation Office, quotas formulas report, election of Executive Directors, and World Economic Outlook.
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September 11, 2000 (501 kb PDF file)  Agenda for IMF Annual Meetings in Prague; International Capital Markets report; John Odling-Smee discusses transition economies; health care issues; Czech Republic, national economic developments.
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August 28, 2000 (312 kb PDF file)  IMF Board discusses independent Evaluation Office; Jeffrey Frankel on intermediate exchange rates; East Timor economy rebuilds; Ronald McKinnon on long-term pegged exchange rates; and Malaysia: recovery and prospects.
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August 14, 2000 (728 kb PDF file)  K÷hler on IMF reforms and press questions; IMF outreach on standards and codes and public debt management; Stand-By credit for Nigeria; UN economic and social survey; Dubrovnik Economic Conference; data provision for surveillance; Emerging Market Finance.
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July 31, 2000 (559 kb PDF file)  Okinawa (G-7, G-8) summit; Fischer on private sector involvement; IMF outreach on standards and codes; Dornbusch on exchange rates; multilateral development banks and emerging markets, World Summit for Social Development; and yen-dollar interventions.
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July 17, 2000 (942 kb PDF file)  K÷hler visits Africa; G-7 pre-summit meeting; Aninat at ECOSOC; political and soft budget constraints in transition process; Data Quality site; IMF Stand-By credit released for Turkey; Turkey disinflation; and deposit insurance and financial stability.
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July 3, 2000 (486 kb PDF file)  UN-World Bank-IMF-OECD on poverty initiative; Tanzi & Zee on developing country tax policy; Aninat on poverty reduction; macroprudential indicators; Sugisaki on IMF issues & reforms; debt relief for Senegal; reserves data; and offshore financial centers.
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June 19, 2000 (558 kb PDF file)  Eduardo Aninat Interview; K÷hler Activities; GCC Countries Pursue Reforms; Central Banking Seminar; Kell on Gender Equality & Development; Role of Lenders of Last Resort; Camdessus Honored; BIS Annual Report; and Hong Kong SAR and China's WTO accession.
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June 5, 2000 (855 kb PDF file)  K÷hler's activities (overview, press conference, address); GDDS site introduced; IMF Executive Board work program; report on small states; exchange rate options in run-up to EU entry; Rodrik on globalization.
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May 22, 2000 (428 kb PDF file)  K÷hler visit to Latin America; Zambian-IMF seminars; Calvo on dollarization debate; Indonesian banking crises; withholding tax & capital flows; India's past and future reforms; DAC report on official development assistance; and military spending.
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May 8, 2000 (632 kb PDF file)  K÷hler assumes Managing Director post; Moscow conference on investment & growth; exchange rate regimes; ABCDE conference; Indonesian decentralization; IMF Executive Board on Pakistan; experience with value-added taxes; Philippine growth & reform agenda.
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April 24, 2000 (1180 kb PDF file)  Spring Meetings 2000 (overview, press conference, communiques); World Economic Outlook; strengthened safeguards on IMF resources; emerging market and new financial system; delinking BOP & financial crises; and Bretton Wood Committee annual meeting.
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April 3, 2000 (666 kb PDF file)  K÷hler to head IMF; spring meetings preview; K÷hler press conference; southeast European prospects; inflation targeting; resolving nonperforming assets; credits for Mexico and Mozambique; FDI flows to India; and agreement between IMF, Toronto Centre.
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March 20, 2000 (479 kb PDF file)  K÷hler nominated for IMF Managing Director; Capital Flow and Debt Statistics; IMF reviews Mozambique's needs; Ukraine review commissioned; Japanese banking crisis; Poland's recovery; Argentine Stand-By; Support package for Ecuador; social spending under IMF programs rises.
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March 6, 2000 (665 kb PDF file)  Nominations for IMF Managing Director; Interview with Claudio Loser; Tribute to Sir Joseph Gold; Pacific Island technical assistance; Finance & Development March issue; Sugisaki on the Caribbean; Conference on contagion; Emerging market prospects; Korean economic recovery.
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February 22, 2000 (411 kb PDF file)  Special supplement on Michel Camdessus's tenure as Managing Director of the IMF (January 1987-February 2000)
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February 21, 2000 (529 kb PDF file)  Camdessus farewell (overview, address to UNCTAD, final press conference, Board resolution); HIPC approvals for three countries; IMF and governance issues in Baltics & CIS; Finland weighs future policy options; Guitian tribute.
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February 7, 2000 (640 kb PDF file)  Camdessus on IMF in 21st century; IMF lending declines in 1999; inflation targeting; IMF technical assistance; senior appointments; global portfolio investment; Estonian accession to EU; capital flows to emerging markets; nature of currency crises.
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January 24, 2000 (954 kb PDF file)  Libreville summit (overview, declaration); AEA meeting; managing banking crises; effectiveness of IMF programs; data release practices; and IMF report on capital controls.
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January 10, 2000 (827 kb PDF file)  Uganda receives PRGF aid; Camdessus on monetary system priorities; poverty-reduction endorsed; off-market gold sales; Netherlands recovery; G-20 meeting; regulating retirement annuities; Turkey's Stand-By credit; and Pacific Island technical assistance.
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