IMF Survey Issues 1999

Published every two weeks, the IMF Survey, provides topical coverage of the IMF's activities, policies, and research in the context of global economic and financial developments. An annual IMF Survey Supplement provides detailed information on the IMF's organization and on the policy advice, financing, and technical assistance it offers to its member countries.

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December 13, 1999 (555 kb PDF file)  Interview with Michel Camdessus (part 1); Russian program status; WTO conference; International Monetary and Trade Conference; debt-relief financing approved; insolvency procedures; and Joint Africa Institute seminar.

November 22, 1999 (605 kb PDF file)  Camdessus announces plans to resign in early 2000, coverage includes press conference, Camdessus' address to the staff; report on conference on second-generation reforms, November 8-9; developments in Japanese business investment in the 1990s.
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November 8, 1999 (301 kb PDF file)  IMF Executive Board's agenda for 2000; highlights of a recent IMF staff report on Germany; new IMF study on exchange rate regimes and currency convertibility; and pyramid schemes in Albania.
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October 25, 1999 (261 kb PDF file)  Camdessus on reform and poverty reduction; emergency assistance for Turkey; Annual Meetings coverage (Governor statements, seminars, Per Jacobsson lecture on European integration; IMF congratulates Mundell; and African debt seminar.)
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October 11, 1999 (1122 kb PDF file)  IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings (overview, opening addresses, Interim & Development Committee communiques, statements, press conferences; transformation of Interim Committee; UNCTAD on foreign direct investment; World Economic Outlook; and Y2K facility.)
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September 27, 1999 (404 kb PDF file)  Annual Meetings preview; Gordon Brown to chair Interim Committee; Eduardo Aninat named IMF Deputy Managing Director; IMF Annual Report; International Capital Markets report; macroprudential indicators seminar; and external evaluation of IMF surveillance.
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September 13, 1999 (1104 kb PDF file)  IMF Survey Supplement: annual overview of the IMF. Serves as a reference guide on the IMF's structure and operations.
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August 30, 1999 (772 kb PDF file)  Why IMF lends to Russia; Turkish earthquake; EMU stability in transition process; proposals to modify HIPC initiative; how HIPC works; sequencing financial sector reform; Per Jacobsson lecture announced; institutionalized corruption.

August 16, 1999 (315 kb PDF file)  IMF approach to economic stabilization; exchange rate options for Central and Eastern Europe; analysis of ESAF-supported adjustment programs; natural resource abundance and corruption; PricewaterhouseCoopers report on Russia.
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August 2, 1999 (656 kb PDF file)  Stand-by credit for Russia; sequencing financial sector reforms; Summers on debt relief; IMF staff reports--pilot project; Brazil credit tranche approved; Galbraith on 20th century's unfinished business; and Dubrovnik conference on transition economies
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July 19, 1999 (396 kb PDF file)  Interview with IMF Deputy Managing Director Ouattara; Executive Board tribute to Ouattara; Ouattara on Africa's future; Camdessus on poverty, military expenditures; Stand-By credit for Mexico; Y2K implications; dollarization and Latin America.
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July 5, 1999 (756 kb PDF file)  Cologne summit overview and Group of Eight communique and debt initiative; Camdessus back Cologne debt initiative; Central Asian customs reform; IMF Executive Board work program; and IMF completes Ukraine review
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June 21, 1999 (467 kb PDF file)  Conference on key issues in reform of international monetary system; Bretton Woods Committee annual meeting; Mexico's request for Stand-By; Albania's ESAF Arrangement; second quarterly release of joint debt statistics.
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June 7, 1999 (472 kb PDF file)  Camdessus on transparency and standards; IMF Board meets with ECOSOC ambassadors; regional unemployment in Europe; Swiss monetary policy; military spending; EFF reviews for Argentina and Pakistan; and copper and Chilean economy.
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May 24, 1999 (1418 kb PDF file)  Camdessus on monetary system reforms, Asian recovery; development economics conference; Korean financial sector reforms; Bulgaria's currency board; foreign direct investment in Asian developing countries; and BIS on exchange, derivatives market activity.
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May 10, 1999 (646 kb PDF file)  Interim meetings overview; Interim & Development Committee, G-7, G-10, & G-24 communiques, and press conference; Kosovo crisis; Contingent Credit Lines; financial architecture; Russian economic program; capital flows conference; World Economic Outlook.
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April 26, 1999 (724 kb PDF file)  Role of private sector in crisis prevention and resolution; Interim Committee preview; Camdessus on Interim Committee issues; macroeconomic impact of Y2K problem; credit developments in Japan; Euro data in IFS; and Singapore weathers Asian crisis
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April 5, 1999 (229 kb PDF file)  Agreement on key elements of Russian program; credit disbursement for Brazil; augmented support for Indonesia; Camdessus on Nigeria's reforms; large capital flows; exchange rate implications of EMU; and strengthened SDDS: and offshore banking.
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March 22, 1999 (599 kb PDF file)  Brazil's revised economic program; Camdessus on Latin American regionalism; euro area data in IFS; U.K. monetary policy framework; tax policy and Asian crisis; joint external debt statistics; and trade, prices, and demand in China
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March 8, 1999 (541 kb PDF file)  Report on Group of 7 meeting, including communiquÚ and Tietmeyer proposal for "financial stability forum"; Chirac address on international cooperation; Camdessus on role of the private sector in new financial architecture; financial liberalization in WAEM
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February 22, 1999 (383 kb PDF file)  Conference on transition--analysis of 10 years' experience in Europe and former Soviet Union; Stefan Ingves on IMF's Monetary & Exchange Affairs Dept.; fiscal policy in EMU; macroeconomic developments in transition countries; and IIF on financial crises
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February 8, 1999 (468 kb PDF file)  IMF quota increase enters into effect and IMF quotas and reviews; Brazil and IMF agree on elements of new policy framework; IMF and market information; Camdessus on transition economies, Asian crisis and social issues; inequality and role of government
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January 25, 1999 (564 kb PDF file)  IMF assessment of programs in Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand and press conferences by Jack Boorman; Brazil-IMF discussions; report on American Economic Assocation meeting; Camdessus on Asian crisis; and Portuguese banking reforms.
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January 11, 1999 (624 kb PDF file)  World Economic Outlook and Capital Markets update; Euro launch and IMF; Fischer on international lender of last resort; lessons from Argentine banking crisis, Australia's economic reforms; and conference on liberalizing markets in Africa
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