IMF Survey Issues 2004

Published every two weeks, the IMF Survey, provides topical coverage of the IMF's activities, policies, and research in the context of global economic and financial developments. An annual IMF Survey Supplement provides detailed information on the IMF's organization and on the policy advice, financing, and technical assistance it offers to its member countries.

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December 13, 2004 (685 kb PDF file)  Germany, France: bolstering growth; Pakistan's recovery; Could Germany's federalism be more competitive?; New online debt database; Chile's foreign reserve holdings; Macroeconomics of HIV/AIDS; Preferential trading arrangements; Helping Grenada rebound.
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November 29, 2004 (586 kb PDF file)  De Rato on global imbalances; Russia's fiscal policy; De Rato visit to Russia; World Council of Churches meets with IMF, World Bank; Do foreign banks fare better in crises?; Getting producer prices right; Escaping banking traps; Jeffrey Frankel on currency crashes.
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November 8, 2004 (439 kb PDF file)  De Rato visits Middle East; Trade Research Conference; Why globalization works; Labor unions hold dialogue with IMF, World Bank; Tanzania legislators, civil society meet with IMF; Europe's productivity; Asia and capital flows; Market for distressed debt.
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October 25, 2004 (615 kb PDF file)  Iraq receives IMF financing; Finding ways to boost public investment; Should hedge funds be regulated?; The effects of high debt; New director in Finance Department; Lawrence Summers on U.S. current account deficit; The WTO and poor countries
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October 11, 2004 (964 kb PDF file)  Annual Meetings overview; De Rato's opening address; CARTAC extended; IMFC communiquÚ; IMFC press conference; Development Committee communiquÚ; Group of Seven statement; Group of 10 communiquÚ; Group of 24 communiquÚ; World Economic Outlook.
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September 30, 2004 (3093 kb PDF file)  IMF In Focus -- a Supplement to the IMF Survey. Taking the Pulse of a Global Membership; Ten Events That Shaped the IMF; Running the IMF; Country Representation and Votes on IMF Executive Board; Promoting Healthy Economies; Helping When Things Go Wrong; Getting Back on Track; How the IMF Lends: Terms and Conditions of Financial Facilities; Passing On Know-How; Striving for a Better Life in Poor Countries; Pushing for Change at the IMF; IMF at a Glance; Organizational Diagram of the IMF
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September 20, 2004 (508 kb PDF file)  Turkey registers strong recovery; Interview with Takatoshi Kato; Making IMF surveillance more effective; Addressing demographic shifts; Global Financial Stability Report; De Rato continues listening tour; Preview of Annual Meetings.
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August 23, 2004 (507 kb PDF file)  IEO report on poverty programs; Interview with Jacques Polak; Politics and inflation stabilization; and Domestic debt in Africa.
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August 9, 2004 (576 kb PDF file)  Managing Director visits Africa; IEO report on Argentina; Risk management in the insurance sector; Cross border cooperation in financial sector supervision; IMF 60th anniversary reflections; Fighting dirty money.
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July 26, 2004 (568 kb PDF file)  Global Monitoring Report; Carol Carson on IMF statistics initiatives; Per Jacobsson Lecture; Workers' remittances to Morocco; Development Fund for Iraq audit; Mark Watson on U.S. economy.
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July 12, 2004 (597 kb PDF file)  Ahluwalia reflects on IEO's start-up; Executive Board pays tribute to Ahluwalia; Best practices in statistical revisions; Boost in HIV/AIDS assistance brings challenges; Krueger on free trade; Spain in the "new Europe"; ABCDE conference; China's reforms
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June 28, 2004 (607 kb PDF file)  De Rato visits Asia; Bretton Woods institutions; De Rato on IMF at 60; Ahluwalia accepts new post; Fiscal adjustment under IMF programs; Gulf states tackle labor market strains; Caribbean and globalization; G8 agree on more support for HIPC initiative.
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June 14, 2004 (491 kb PDF file)  Rato on growth prospects; Effects of bilateral, regional trade deals; Rafidah on Malaysia as gateway to ASEAN; How NAFTA has affected Mexican economy; Statistics and borrowing costs; Credit booms; Can central banks be outsourced?; The truth about markets.
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May 31, 2004 (718 kb PDF file)  G7 calls for adequate oil supplies; Conference honors Calvo; China's growth; State-owned financial institutions; Pacific islands and growth; ECOSOC and MDGs; AFRITAC East seminar boosts statistical expertise; Beirut named METAC site; Adopting the euro.
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May 17, 2004 (694 kb PDF file)  The IMF's new Managing Director; Polak tribute; IMF establishes Trade Integration Mechanism; Canada's labor productivity; World Economic Outlook on U.S. fiscal policy; Africa's economic prospects; Health, wealth, and welfare.
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May 3, 2004 (607 kb PDF file)  Spring meetings overview; Interview with K÷hler; IMFC communique and press conference; Development Committee communique and press conference; Group of Seven communique; Group of 24 communique; African finance ministers press conference; WEO chapter 1.
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April 12, 2004 (507 kb PDF file)  Spring meetings preview; Allen on financial crises; IMF, ECOSOC Monterrey follow-up; Low-income country debt; World Economic Outlook on industrial country reforms; Global Financial Stability Report; Botchwey on development; Shiller on economic behavior.
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March 29, 2004 (617 kb PDF file)  David Burton on outlook for Asia; IT still key to U.S. productivity growth; Financial sector vital to growth in the Baltics; Call for transparent selection of Managing Director; Crises and trade finance; Argentina program; West Afritac's 2004 agenda.
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March 15, 2004 (846 kb PDF file)  IMF Managing Director resigns; Belgium's reform efforts; Updating national accounts manual; Coping with volatility; Parliamentary network; Reforming global financial systems; Nigeria's resource curse.
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March 1, 2004 (656 kb PDF file)  Hong Kong SAR poised for a rebound; Adopting the euro; AFRITAC East's work plan for 2004; Exchange rates: pick your poison; In defense of globalization.
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February 16, 2004 (817 kb PDF file)  K÷hler on EU enlargement; Book Forum on IMF governance; Group of Seven meet; IMF Executive Board calender; Assessing offshore centers; Raising statistical awareness in Africa; Rogoff lecture at Georgetown; Summers on lessons for practioners in development
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February 2, 2004 (691 kb PDF file)  IMF and Iraq; IMF completes first review of Argentina program; Continuing the WTO debate; Ethics and development; Central banks and financial stability; New development model for Asia?
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January 19, 2004 (676 kb PDF file)  K÷hler in Monterrey; Sugisaki exit interview; Assessing FSAPs; Regulatory governance; Exits from pegged regimes; Transparency pays; Can Russia sustain strong growth?
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