IMF Survey Issues 2003

Published every two weeks, the IMF Survey, provides topical coverage of the IMF's activities, policies, and research in the context of global economic and financial developments. An annual IMF Survey Supplement provides detailed information on the IMF's organization and on the policy advice, financing, and technical assistance it offers to its member countries.

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December 15, 2003 (572 kb PDF file)  Rajan on role of IMF research; China-India conference; IMF annual research conference; Economic forum on capital flows; Krueger on Kenyan reforms; Environmental accounting; Military expenditure.
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December 1, 2003 (633 kb PDF file)  Geithner on IMF; India: 1980s paved way for 1990s growth; New IMF department heads named; IMF, World Bank trade appeal; China: high and sustained output growth; IMF and World Council of Churches; IMF's civil society guide; Phnom Penh PRSP conference.
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November 17, 2003 (596 kb PDF file)  German economic reforms; Bio-Tchane on Africa's future; Research workshop on low-income countries; conference on real estate data; privatization in Macedonia; Brazil loan extension.
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November 3, 2003 (644 kb PDF file)  K÷hler on IMF role in Iraq; Heller on long-term fiscal challenges; Applying postconflict experience in Iraq; Sugisaki on Bangladesh; Public Expenditure and Fiscal Accountability Program; Focus on capitalism; K÷hler awarded honorary professorship.
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October 20, 2003 (689 kb PDF file)  Increased IMF transparency; Per Jacobsson Lecture on Arab region; Geithner to head NY Fed; gender issues IMF; Annual Meetings seminars on regional/global prosperity; euro-area debt; Asian crisis output recovery; Kato to be Deputy Managing Director.
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October 6, 2003 (1778 kb PDF file)  Japan's financial sector; IMF-World Bank annual meetings (overview, opening speeches, communiques, press conferences); G-7, G-10, and G-24 communiques; Focus on Middle East; African ministers press conference; Loan for Argentina; World Economic Outlook.
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September 15, 2003 (1455 kb PDF file)  Overview; MENA region; Surveillance; Crisis prevention; Financing facilities; Conditionality; Technical assistance; Poverty reduction; HIPC; IMF organization; Executive Board; Financial resources; SDRs; Quotas; Overdue payments; Highlights; IEO
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September 8, 2003 (830 kb PDF file)  IMF Meetings preview; Carstens interview; Mirakhor, Khan win IDB prize; K÷hler, Wolfensohn on trade; Global Financial Stability Report; emerging market debt; economic agenda in Dem. Rep. Congo; well-being in the U.S.; Selowsky on IMF record
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August 18, 2003 (741 kb PDF file)  United States poised for recovery; World oil prices and U.S. recessions; Bank risk-taking and competition; Managing risks in financial market development; Moore on globalization; WTO impact on trade; AEI seminar on exchange rates; IMF reorganization.
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August 4, 2003 (527 kb PDF file)  IEO reviews IMF handling of crises; Tanzania intensifies reforms; IMF solicits comments on borrowing framework; K÷hler addresses Africa Union; Future of Sweden's welfare state.
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July 14, 2003 (658 kb PDF file)  K÷hler begins Africa visit; Uruguay mounts successful debt exchange; Financial sector reform; Evaluating inflation targeting; Policy options and underground economies; Harberger on Latin America and policy advice.
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June 30, 2003 (860 kb PDF file)  Aninat on Africa; West AFRITAC opens; K÷hler on Mexico's economic turnaround; Africa & oil revenues; employment protection costs; health care spending & the poor.
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June 16, 2003 (638 kb PDF file)  Deflation worries; Indonesia sets course for future; Closing weak banks; Disinflation in Turkey; CIS conferences stress trade, Financial sector development; Restoring confidence in the global economy; Insider trading
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June 2, 2003 (718 kb PDF file)  Financial globalization; fiscal deficits and inflation; performance budgeting; global food aid, measuring IMF resources; growth and poverty reduction; collective action clauses.
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May 19, 2003 (768 kb PDF file)  Financial globalization; Lessons for Latin America; Lawlessness and economics; Case against corruption; IMF fiscal policy advice.
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May 5, 2003 (828 kb PDF file)  K÷hler on Latin America; politics of IMF lending; draft financial indicators guide; follow-up on Monterrey Consensus; public policies and poverty; stock market volatility; African stock markets.
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April 21, 2003 (1284 kb PDF file)  IMF-World Bank spring meetings (overview, Iraq, communiques, press conferencers); G-7 & G-24 communiques; African finance ministers press conference; and World Economic Outlook.
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March 31, 2003 (814 kb PDF file)  Spring meetings preview; Global Financial Stability Report; Latin American update; IMF external relations strategy; responding to asset price booms; K÷hler and parliamentarians; social spending & better conditions; Ahmad on recentralization in China.
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March 17, 2003 (594 kb PDF file)  Odling-Smee on Russia's recovery; K÷hler on Latin America's prospects; Central American tax regimes; IMF-World Council of Churches meet; decline of poverty, income inequality; Ravallion on poverty measures; Austria's aging population; Aninat to leave IMF
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March 3, 2003 (842 kb PDF file)  Aninat on Latin America at turning point; G-7 meeting in Paris; Krugman on potential for economic breakdown; age and economic transition; Gelos & Wei on why transparency matters; CIS-7 reform priorities; and global economic linkages.
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February 17, 2003 (626 kb PDF file)  Ahmed on IMF in poor countries; SDRM further defined; Boorman speech on SDRM; Kenen on SDRM approach; politics and fiscal outcomes; Tseng on China's reform agenda.
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February 3, 2003 (908 kb PDF file)  Singh on Latin America; new IMF loan--Argentina; Leiderman on inflation targeting; AEA meeting; Taylor on monetary policy; Clark and Polak on SDRs; Challenges of EU enlargement
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January 20, 2003 (707 kb PDF file)  IMF program for Argentina; AEA coverage; SDRM design; Fischer on globalization; De Vries honored; Latin America and crisis; Challenges for African leaders; Demekas on postconflict aid
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