IMF Survey Issues 2001

Published every two weeks, the IMF Survey, provides topical coverage of the IMF's activities, policies, and research in the context of global economic and financial developments. An annual IMF Survey Supplement provides detailed information on the IMF's organization and on the policy advice, financing, and technical assistance it offers to its member countries.

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December 10, 2001 (678 kb PDF file)  Krueger on debt workout mechanism; IMF approves Turkey funds; Argentine disbursement delayed; behind 1990s emerging market boom; investor relations programs; Jorgenson on IT revolution; GIC conference; Obstfeld on currency crises; IMF Research Conference.
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November 26, 2001 (1073 kb PDF file)  IMFC & Development Committee meetings (overview, joint statement, communiques, press conferences); G-24 & G-20 communiques; African finance ministers; IMF Research Department Director Rogoff interview; CARTAC inaugurated; and Qatar economy diversifies.
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November 12, 2001 (663 kb PDF file)  IMFC preview; Hausler on International Capital Markets Department; K÷hler & Wolfensohn on new trade round; regaining market access; Easterly on growth; early warning systems; Soros on globalization; Dominican Republic boosts growth; IMF & environment.
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October 22, 2001 (475 kb PDF file)  International community (IMF, Group of Seven, UN) acts to curb terrorism; IMFC & Development Committee meetings set (Ottawa, November 17-18); Boughton on IMF history, 1979-89; new guide to IMF; WEO on IT revolution; civil service reform; Grenada economy.
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October 8, 2001 (541 kb PDF file)  Press briefing on the World Economic Outlook; press briefing by IMF Managing Director Horst Kohler; conferences on poverty reduction strategies and East Asian monetary integration; challenges for Kiribati.
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September 17, 2001 (684 kb PDF file)  IMF-World Bank not to hold Annual Meetings as scheduled; Ahmed on PRSP & PRGF reviews; Dollar on globalization & poverty reduction; Fischer farewell to Executive Board; Estonia's market economy; and Cambodia initiates fundamental reforms.
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September 3, 2001 (474 kb PDF file)  Fischer on his IMF tenure; Annual Meetings change; assessing offshore financial centers; Cyprus assessment; augmentation of Argentine credit; conditionality & privatization; Calomiris on IMF reforms; Allen on IMF role; and Japan's reform agenda.
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September 1, 2001 (2201 kb PDF file)  IMF: overview; organization; quotas; reforms; surveillance; conditionality; financial facilities; technical assistance; debt strategy; governance; borrowing; standards & codes; overdue payments; SDRs; finances; social dimensions; chronology.
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August 13, 2001 (914 kb PDF file)  IMF support for Turkey, Argentina, Brazil; IMF conditionality conference; UNDP Human Development Report; Trinidad & Tobago
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July 30, 2001 (749 kb PDF file)  Report on G-7/8 summit in Genoa; IMF MD K÷hler's ECOSOC speech; Tokyo conference on IMF conditionality; IMF 2001 International Capital Markets report briefing
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July 16, 2001 (603 kb PDF file)  G7 on IMF role & reforms; UN special session on HIVAIDS; Fischer on Russian economy; Aninat on Spain & globalization; IMF approves Turkey drawing; Corruption Perceptions Index 2001; inflation targeting; IMF-KIEP conference on Korea crisis.
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July 2, 2001 (659 kb PDF file)  Fischer on Argentine reforms; conditionality: Berlin policy dialogue, Sugisaki on IMF review, Boorman on ownership; reserves database; Alesina & Barro on currency unions; Canada's exchange rate regime & economic integration.
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June 18, 2001 (592 kb PDF file)  Anne Krueger nominated for First Deputy Managing Director & Hausler, Rogoff, Geithner named department heads; Board work program; Fischer on Asia & IMF; Hong Kong SAR crisis recovery; IMF & governance; debt swaps; and Jamaica moves to strengthen economy.
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June 4, 2001 (754 kb PDF file)  Argentine review completed; K÷hler on financial stability; Quarterly National Accounts Manual; Ecuador credit extended; Boorman to leave; interview with Carmen Reinhart; Perotti on fiscal policy; Roubini on Asian crisis; military expenditures.
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May 21, 2001 (634 kb PDF file)  Turkey credit augmented; K÷hler on Latin America; Fischer to retire; globalization in Africa; IMF program projections; foreign participation in financial sectors; Bretton Woods Committee meeting; Pacific island financial stability; ABCDE report.
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May 7, 2001 (1735 kb PDF file)  Spring meetings (overview; IMFC, Development Committee, and joint communiques and press conferences; G-7, G-10, & G-24 statements); money laundering, poverty reduction workshop, Boorman on CCL, World Economic Outlook; Ahluwalia to head evaluation office.
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April 16, 2001 (532 kb PDF file)  Spring meetings preview; K÷hler on globalization; IMF-NGO dialogue; civil society & global financial governance; exchange rate regimes; strengthening safeguard assessments; conference honoring Assaf Razin; and SAMA-IMF course on improving BOP statistics.
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April 2, 2001 (632 kb PDF file)  IMF moves to streamline conditionality, seeks public comments; conference on standards and codes, portfolio investment survey seminars, implications of declining supply of U.S. treasury securities, and Bhagwati on globalization's benefits.
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March 19, 2001 (785 kb PDF file)  K÷hler, Fischer on new capital markets department, Turkey; money laundering; K÷hler on standards & codes; Mussa resigns; challenges in Kosovo; U.S. trade deficit; BIS Quarterly Review; and Albania's inflation performance.
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March 5, 2001 (524 kb PDF file)  K÷hler & Wolfensohn in Africa; K÷hler on poverty; G-7 in Palermo; Mundell lecture; Financial Sector Assessment; Aninat on Latin American capital markets; IMF's new capital markets department; Euro-area surveillance; Knight on inflation targeting in Canada.
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February 19, 2001 (625 kb PDF file)  Davos meeting; IMF Board confers with UN ambassadors; China quota; IMF ethics, financial disclosure guidelines; sovereign bond restructurings; US economic policy options; Turkey program; Emerging Market Financing; and evaluating reserve adequacy.
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February 5, 2001 (756 kb PDF file)  Capital adequacy requirements; El-Erian on capital markets; Schinasi on OTC derivatives; Corden on exchange regimes in developing countries; Sir Alan Whittome; Fischer on globization & Africa; technical assistance; and emerging markets & global finance.
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January 22, 2001 (665 kb PDF file)  K÷hler's trip to Asia and remarks on exchange rate policy; American Economic Assocation conference; Aninat on China and WTO accession; Drazen on political economy of reform; and Tirole on banking regulation and IMF's mission.
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January 8, 2001 (941 kb PDF file)  22 countries qualify for HIPC assistance; Brau on Treasurer's Department; economic issues in sub-Saharan Africa; China quota increase; statistical quality; price subsidy reform; Argentine program; SDR currency basket; and new economy issues.
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