IMF Survey Issues 2002

Published every two weeks, the IMF Survey, provides topical coverage of the IMF's activities, policies, and research in the context of global economic and financial developments. An annual IMF Survey Supplement provides detailed information on the IMF's organization and on the policy advice, financing, and technical assistance it offers to its member countries.

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December 16, 2002 (785 kb PDF file)  K÷hler on Brazil & Chile; Global Financial Stability Report; new IMF liquidity measure; Boughton on IMF conditionality guidelines; Turkey negotiations; globalization & Africa; social safety nets; annuitizing pension payouts; Abed & Gupta on corruption.
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December 2, 2002 (665 kb PDF file)  Third Annual IMF Research Conference; Institution building; Improved data quality; Argentina's SRF repayment extended; Poverty, inequality in Central America; Van Houtven on IMF governance; proposals to reform IMF governance; Lessons, Great Depression
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November 18, 2002 (1319 kb PDF file)  East AFRITAC opens; IMF, trade unions confer; CARTAC anniversary; Country Analytic Work website; lessons from U.S. boom, bust; fiscal devolution; GDP-indexed bonds; reserve management meeting.
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November 4, 2002 (657 kb PDF file)  Euro area prospects; Geithner on financial crises; K÷hler visits Maghreb; IMF congratulates Brazil's President-Elect; developments in exchange rate regimes; lessons from Korean crisis; FDI in Mekong Delta; and microfinance institutions.
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October 21, 2002 (676 kb PDF file)  Expanded trade access for developing countries; capacity building; central banks in globalized economy; financial soundness indicators; U.A.E. avoids "oil curse"; global inequality; Bhalla on growth and poverty reduction.
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October 7, 2002 (2246 kb PDF file)  2002 Annual Meetings: overview, speeches, communiques, press conferences; African capacity building; FDI website; Burton to head Asia-Pacific Department; prolonged use of IMF resources; World Economic Outlook.
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September 20, 2002 (2242 kb PDF file)  Africa feature; Debt strategy; Poverty reduction; Financial architecture; Surveillance; IEO; Conditionality; Financial facilities; Technical assistance; Quotas; SDRs; Management; Executive Board; Time line; Organization; IMF at a glance
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September 16, 2002 (778 kb PDF file)  Annual Meetings preview; trade-finance links; Global Financial Stability Report; Annual Report; Kohler on Japan; Globalization; Brazil loan; WAEMU's fiscal policy coordination; IMF rates; IMF arrangements; Use of credit; New on the Web; Publications
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September 2, 2002 (644 kb PDF file)  George Abed on Middle East; fiscal policy & oil-producing countries; Arab Human Development Report; Sargent on European & US unemployment; fiscal data framework & policymaking; and who benefits from IT revolution.
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August 5, 2002 (634 kb PDF file)  Krueger on Argentina; Boorman on crises and institutions; Advisory report on Argentina; Central American regional initiatives; Southern African aid; Ortiz on emerging market crises; Caribbean offshore centers; shadow economies; East Timor; Rudi Dornbusch
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July 22, 2002 (910 kb PDF file)  Advisory panel for Argentina; The Gambia & governance; Euro-area surveillance; Dawson on lessons from Asia; transition to inflation targeting; fiscal policy & recessions; and better governance in statistical agencies.
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July 8, 2002 (761 kb PDF file)  Group of Eight summit; Rogoff's discontent with Stiglitz; Aninat on Colombia; K÷hler on Argentina; Uruguay loan boosted; Deaton on poverty count; budget cuts in poor countries; K÷hler at ECOSOC; Turkey drawing; and are African exporters more productive?
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June 24, 2002 (1386 kb PDF file)  Global Financial Stability; Krueger on sovereign debt restructuring; Rogoff & Zettelmeyer on roots of debt restructuring idea; Bretton Woods Committee; Brazil can draw $10 billion; Singh appointed; Yergin on globalization; and corporate restructuring.
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June 10, 2002 (1052 kb PDF file)  World military spending; Independent East Timor; Pros and cons of tax incentives; Shoven on U.S. Social Security; Financial development and economic growth; North on institutions and growth.
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May 27, 2002 (711 kb PDF file)  Abdoulaye Bio-Tchane on Africa & IMF; Brazil positioned to speed up growth; European transition economies: run-up to EU accession & policy implications of exchange rate appreciations; and foreign direct investment in China.
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May 13, 2002 (1029 kb PDF file)  Anne Krueger (interview); K÷hler in Africa; Ghana: portfolio flows and Investment Advisory Council; ABCDE 2002; globalization; statistical capacity building; Islamic Financial Services Board; and Brau on safeguarding IMF resources.
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April 29, 2002 (2431 kb PDF file)  Spring meetings communiques, statements, press conference; African finance ministers; CIS-7 poverty initiative; loan disbursement for Turkey; Deppler on Turkey; World Economic Outlook ; recessions and recoveries.
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April 8, 2002 (382 kb PDF file)  Spring meetings preview; Sovereign debt restructuring proposal; Evaluation of fiscal adjustment; Monterrey Consensus; Conference on inflation targeting; IMF loan to Cote d'Ivoire; Poverty conference; HIV/AIDS in southern Africa.

March 25, 2002 (460 kb PDF file)  Global Financial Stability Report; reducing poverty; Enron's collapse; addressing banking fragility; Prescott on Japanese slowdown; foreign direct investment in Africa; IMF statement on Argentina; and interview with Dornbusch.
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March 11, 2002 (383 kb PDF file)  Krueger on euro; financing development; IMF mission to Argentina; Singh to head IMF Special Operations; Tseng on Asia's unfinished reforms; Asian asset price bubbles; expanding mortgage financing in Middle East; and Mexico's pro-poor policies.
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February 25, 2002 (900 kb PDF file)  G-7 on economy, terrorist financing; Kenen and Calvo: reforming financial architecture; financial development and poverty alleviation; Asiaĺs postcrisis exchange regimes; FSAP outreach; Cardinal Rodriguez; Albaniaĺs economic progress.
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February 11, 2002 (571 kb PDF file)  Chabrier on Afghanistan; poverty reduction conference; IMF Staff Papers; Fischer on India; IMF loan for Turkey; Aslund on transition economies; new head of IMF African Department; Corden on exchange rates; and Burkina Faso PRSP shows promise.
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January 28, 2002 (417 kb PDF file)  PRSP conference opens; euro & EMU prospects; IMF extends Argentine debt deadline; AEA conference; IMF approves review of Brazil's performance; Carson & Bove on GDDS African project; IMF transparency; and Vietnam strives for higher growth.
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January 14, 2002 (895 kb PDF file)  WEO (world economy after September 11); Ahluwalia on IMF's Independent Evaluations Office; regional views on PRSP process; U.S. as engine of growth; conditionality: how much is enough; and K÷hler on euro.
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