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Open Track: General Information

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship covers all reasonable expenses a scholar is expected to incur, including: one return airfare (subject to conditions); admissions and tuition fees; stipend (including a housing and subsistence allowance); medical and accident insurance fees. For scholars enrolled in doctoral programs, research related fees will be additionally covered. The scholarship covers expenses incurred by the scholar only.

The scholarship covers one year. The IMF makes a decision on a renewal for the subsequent year based on the scholar’s academic performance and progress, the university’s recommendation, and the sponsoring agency’s consent. The scholarship award period is for up to two years for a master’s program and three years for doctoral programs, depending on the requirement of the university.

Scholar’s Family

No additional aid or arrangements are given for a scholar's family. Scholars are generally advised not to bring family members or other dependents to Japan owing to the high cost and other complications. If, however, a scholar must bring a family member to Japan, he or she is required to get prior approval from the university (subject to its guidelines). In any event, scholars should be aware that they are responsible for all additional expenditures as well as all required procedures associated with bringing a family member. These would include travel, insurance, and medical costs, as well as considerably higher housing costs.

Health Requirements

Scholars are expected to be in excellent physical, mental, and emotional health during their studies in Japan so that they can be engaged in the full-time pursuit of their academic work as scholars funded by the JISPA. Scholars must notify the IMF Scholarship Programs Manager and the university immediately if there are any health issues, including pregnancy.

Other Requirements

Scholars who receive the JISPA scholarship cannot accept other scholarships.

Once accepted into the program, scholars are expected to attend all classes, maintain a solid academic standing, and conduct themselves appropriately in accordance with the university’s internal guidelines and Japanese laws and regulations. Any violation of these conditions may be grounds for dismissal from the university and/or revocation of the scholarship.

Upon completion of the program, scholars are also expected to return to their home agency to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired through their studies under the JISPA.

For further information on program requirements under the open track, please contact:

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