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Message from Alumni

Message from GRIPS Alumni

Mr. Le Minh Hung

Mr. Le Minh Hung, Vietnam
Graduate School of Policy Science (GSPS) of Saitama University (Predecessor of GRIPS) 1996-1997
Deputy Governor, State Bank of Vietnam

"With the support of JISPA, I attended the GSPS/GRIPS program and was equipped with highly comprehensive knowledge and tools for policy making decisions and leadership, and with interdisciplinary approaches to understand, analyze and solve policy issues. I was also exposed to Japan’s friendly people, its rich culture and extensive policy experience as well as a close international network of promising classmates. Since returning home, I have found that what I have gained from my studies at GSPS/GRIPS have contributed naturally to my performance at work. This experience is an unlimited resource that is always there to be exploited, for the benefit of my country."

Mr. Mirzaev Mubin

Mr. Mirzaev Mubin, Uzbeskistan
GRIPS 2001-2002
Deputy Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance

"Thanks to this program, I obtained a good knowledge in macroeconomics and microeconomics, which contributed to my career and current work. After studying in Japan, I went back to the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan as Deputy Director of the Monetary Policy Department, then was promoted to Director in the same department. On May 14, 2008, I was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance. I am very happy to have studied under the Japan-IMF Scholarship Program and want to thank all GRIPS professors and IMF staff who provided me with all the knowledge and experience."

Mr. Sun Lujun

Mr. Sun Lujun, China
GRIPS 2002-2003
Director-General of the Capital Account Management Department, State Administration of Foreign Exchange

"I graduated from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies of Japan with a master's degree in Public Policy. There, I upgraded my theoretical knowledge and improved my understanding of economic development in transition economies. I participated in China's exchange regime reform by undertaking research and setting-up policies. I have published more than 100 essays in national journals."

Ms. Jittrayu Sakulmeerit

Ms. Jittrayu Sakulmeerit, Thailand
GRIPS 2005-2006
Senior Analyst of the Prudential Policy Department, Bank of Thailand

"Studying at GRIPS under the JISPA was a truly precious experience. The program offered a unique opportunity to broaden my understanding and knowledge of developing and implementing public policies, which are invaluable for my career at the Bank of Thailand. The network of friends was of great value and it provided me with an eye-opening cultural experience which was unforgettable and impacted my life tremendously."

Message from HIT Alumni

Mr. Bataa Ganbold

Mr. Bataa Ganbold, Mongolia
HIT 2001-2003
Former Deputy Director of the Financial Policy and Coordination Department, Ministry of Finance

(Currently seconded as Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies under JETRO, Japan)

"The program provided not only a generous financial support but also other opportunities and experiences including study tours, seminars and other social events. I have particularly benefited from the world-class, rigorous academic program of Hitotsubashi University. The program also enabled us to acquire modern theory and actual policy making skills so that we could achieve in a short time our intellectual and career goals. Because of that, I believe, many former fellows have progressed in their respective institutions after the completion of the program."

Ms. Hazel Marie Sarmiento

Ms. Hazel Marie Sarmiento, Philippines
HIT 2001-2003
Budget and Management Specialist, Department of Budget and Management

(Currently on leave to study a PhD program in Public Policy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States)

"My experience as a JISPA scholar has provided me with the analytical tools and the experience that I needed to pursue a successful career in public policy. I had the opportunity to apply the skills and technical knowledge I learned in financial programming and macroeconomics after the program as I continued with my work as budget and management specialist at the Department of Budget and Management. The experience has given me the opportunity to explore policymaking at its best. It has been an honor for me to be part of this program and hope that I may inspire others in undertaking policy work and in pursuing a career in government."

Message from IUJ Alumni

Ms. Aigul Berdigulova

Ms. Aigul Berdigulova, Kyrgyz Republic
IUJ 2002-2004
Head of the Balance of Payments and External Debt Division, Financial Statistics and Survey Department, National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

"The JISPA provided me with a splendid opportunity to widen my academic as well as personal horizons. Studying at the IUJ as a JISPA scholar, I have acquired invaluable assets, -the knowledge and skills- that served as a trigger in my career development. Moreover the IUJ's international environment has enriched my personal experience, endowing me with a worldwide network of friends and connections."

Mr. Nugroho Joko Prastowo

Mr. Nugroho Joko Prastowo, Indonesia
IUJ 2005-2007
Economist of the Economic Research Bureau
Directorate of Economic Research and Monetary Policy, Bank Indonesia

"It was a great opportunity to study at the IUJ under the JISPA which provided me with complete support. This program introduced me to an international environment and gave me a lot of benefits both academically and non-academically. This knowledge is really useful for my current job and supports my future career as a researcher in Bank Indonesia."

Message from YNU Alumni

Mr. Thai Saphear

Mr. Thai Saphear, Cambodia
YNU 2001-2003
Deputy Secretary General and Director of Personnel Department, National Bank of Cambodia

"JISPA attracted me by offering cross-border experiences and new knowledge of our changing world. Learning both the theoretical and practical aspects is a crucial component to success. To be successful, we have to apply not only our knowledge but also build up confidence, honesty, discipline and patience in the community as well. Achieving this goal is a combination of informed leadership decisions and given opportunities."

Mr. Kassymkhan  Kapparov

Mr. Kassymkhan Kapparov, Kazakhstan
YNU 2005-2007
Chief of the Division of Competitiveness Indicators Statistics, Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan

"Studying management theory at YNU provided both an advanced theoretical curriculum and practical field-trips. The design of the Program allowed me to gain a deeper immersion into the richness of Japanese culture and at the same time benefit from a widely diversified international network.
Completing the JISPA program had a significant impact on my career. The knowledge I gained is being highly regarded by the Government of Kazakhstan and it helps me set higher goals in my personal development. I'm eager to take more responsibilities and make a bigger contribution to the economic development of my country in the future."

Message from a former Open-Track Scholar

Mr. Yon Arsal

Mr. Yon Arsal, Indonesia
Open Track 2004-2007
Doctoral Program, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Kobe University
Section Head of Tax Audit Technique, Directorate of Tax Audit and Collection, Head Office of Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance

"Thanks to the open-track system under the Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia, I was given the opportunity to study for a PhD in economics at Kobe University. This helped me broaden my knowledge and deepen my expertise in policy issues which enabled me to actively participate in designing and implementing policies in Indonesia, in particular in improving taxpayer compliance and reducing the tax gap. In this sense, this program was not only a great benefit to me personally, but also to my institution and my country."