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Global Housing Watch

The Global Housing Watch tracks developments in housing markets across the world on a quarterly basis. It provides current data on house prices as well as metrics used to assess valuation in housing markets, such as house price‑to‑rent and house-price‑to‑income ratios.

Global Housing Watch Quarterly Update
Q1 2017

The Q1 2017 Quarterly Update includes an update of the IMF's Global House Price Index and IMF's latest assessments of country specific housing markets. Read the report.

Malta's Housing Sector: Potential Vulnerabilities

This note assesses vulnerabilities and risks associated with the property market in Malta. The data do not appear to point to a house price misalignment at present, yet a combination of demand and supply factors are likely to exert sustained pressures on house prices going forward. Moreover, elevated households' indebtedness, combined with high and increasing bank exposure to property market, pose vulnerabilities to a potential negative house price shock. Read more...

Understanding Turkish Residential Real Estate Dynamics

Turkish housing valuations appear to be stretched benchmarked against a variety of standard metrics. However, macroeconomic spillovers from housing market risks may be contained, as the household sector still has buffers to cushion against possible price corrections. House prices show a strong relationship with financial and labor market conditions, as well as mortgage debt affordability. Read more...

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Last Updated: May 3, 2017

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