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Video: The Challenges of Financial Integration in the Nordic-Baltic Region

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Nordic-Baltic Financial Linkages
and Challenges

Radisson BLU Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia

December 13, 2013

The conference was organized jointly by the International Monetary Fund, Eesti Pank and Sveriges Riksbank and was held in Tallinn, Estonia. It brought together high-level policy makers from the region and local and international experts to discuss the key challenges facing the Nordic-Baltic financial sector.

The working language of the conference was English and the event was free of charge.

The conference was opened by Governor Ardo Hansson of Eesti Pank. Speakers included regional central bank governors and supervisors, senior European policymakers, representatives from the regional financial sector, and IMF staff. The day was divided into three thematic sessions and a concluding panel discussion.

Click on a presentation title to see the PDF. Click on a speaker name to see a short biography.

December 13, 2013


Registration and Morning Coffee


Opening remarks

Ardo Hansson, Governor, Eesti Pank


Session 1: Nordic-Baltic financial integration

In this session, speakers will set out the key characteristics of the Nordic-Baltic financial landscape. By looking at historical and recent developments, the details presented will provide inputs to the discussions in the later sessions on regulation and supervision.

Moderator: Pauls Raudseps, Commentator, Weekly magazine "Ir"

Financial linkages and economic integration across the Nordic-Baltic region

Speaker: Mahmood Pradhan, Deputy Director, European Department, IMF

The sovereign-bank nexus and macroeconomic policy

Speaker: Erik Nielsen, Global Chief Economist, Unicredit Research

Managing capital flows in a financially integrated area; The role of intra-regional and international capital flows.

Speaker: Már Guðmundsson Governor, Seðlabanki Íslands


Coffee break


Session 2: Regulatory and supervisory challenges in the Nordic-Baltic region

This session will set out the paradigms for regulation and supervision across the Nordic- Baltic region and discuss the broader European agenda. In addition, speakers will explore the implications of European Union (EU) and euro area (EA) financial regulatory reforms for Nordic-Baltic home-host supervisory arrangements, including crisis management and resolution.

Moderator: Svein Gjedrem, Secretary General, Ministry of Finance, Norway

Banking supervision: The Nordic-Baltic cross-border collaboration model and the EU model

Speaker: Jukka Vesala, Deputy Director, Finanssivalvonta, Finland

The new European reforms and their impact

Speaker: Mauro Grande, Advisor to the Executive Board, European Central Bank

Complementarity between EU banking reforms, the euro area banking union and the Nordic-Baltic supervisory arrangements

Speaker: Kristian Vie Madsen, Deputy Director General, Finanstilsynet, Denmark



Keynote address: Adopting the euro while managing Nordic-Baltic financial integration: The Latvian perspective.

Speaker: Ilmars Rimsevics, Governor, Latvijas Banka


Session 3: Market Perspectives on challenges and opportunities for the financial sector in the Nordic-Baltic region

Speakers will provide market perspectives on the recent developments in the Nordic-Baltic financial sector, as well as discuss the expected impact of EU and EA regulations on the banks and capital markets in the region.

Moderator: Uldis Cerps, Executive Director, Banks, Finansinspektionen, Sweden

Impact of European banking reforms on the Nordic-Baltic financial sector

Speaker: Rodney Alfvén, Head of Investor Relations, Nordea

Experiences and Challenges within the Nordic-Baltic financial sector: the case of Swedbank

Speaker: Jonas Erikson, Head of Group Treasury, Swedbank


Coffee break


Panel discussion: Reflections on the future of the Nordic-Baltic financial sector

The panel will reflect on the key issues for the Nordic-Baltic financial sector raised during the earlier sessions. Specifically, the panel will follow a Q&A format with the moderator posing questions to the panel based on the earlier presentations. At the end, the moderator will ask for final thoughts from the panel members and provide a summary of the outcomes from the conference.

Moderator: Andres Sutt, Head of Banking, European Stability Mechanism


Nemat Shafik, Deputy Managing Director, IMF

Francesco Mazzaferro, Head, Secretariat of the European Systemic Risk Board

Ardo Hansson, Governor, Eesti Pank

Kerstin af Jochnick, First Deputy Governor, Sveriges Riksbank

Vitas Vasiliauskas, Chairman, Lietuvos Bankas


Presentation of Eesti Pank research awards