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Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia

JISPA Alumni Gathering in Cambodia, September 22, 2015

Vol 11. December 2015

This JISPA newsletter brings you up-to-date information on JISPA events as well as featured alumni and scholars. JISPA provides scholarships for junior government officials of key economic agencies in Asia and the Pacific who wish to undertake graduate studies in related fields at universities in Japan.

The 11th newsletter features alumni related activities. As a current scholar, Mr Tshering Dorji, the Ministry of Finance, Bhutan is interviewed. The "JISPA Today" introduces JISPA activities during September-November 2015.


JISPA Seminar and Welcome Reception: On October 22, 2015, OAP organized a special seminar exclusively for the JISPA scholars, by Mr. Giovanni Ganelli, Deputy Head of Office, and Ms. Nour Tawk, Intern (both from OAP). They gave a presentation on “Spillovers from Japanese Monetary Policy to Emerging Asia: a Global VAR analysis” based on their on-going research seeking to quantify the effect of spillovers from Japanese QQE on Emerging Asian economies. The seminar aimed not only to explain the findings of their research but also to detail research methods so that the scholars could learn some “tips” to develop their own research. During the Q&A session following the seminar, the scholars and faculty members raised questions on the econometric methodology and interpretation of the results.
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Alumni News

Alumni Reunions: Alumni gatherings were held in Cambodia, Thailand, and Mongolia on the occasion of visits by Mr. Giovanni Ganelli, Deputy Head of Office, and Ms. Saika Kin, Programs Manager to those three countries to hear the needs of the authorities to better enhance the program as part of OAP’s effort in administering the JISPA.
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Current Scholar

I applied for the JISPA since it is being closely monitored by the IMF, has designed economic courses deliberately related to current macroeconomic challenges in Bhutan. In addition, for me, Japan is a model nation not only for science and technology but also for its culture and people.

Mr. Tshering DorjiMr. Tshering Dorji is currently on study leave from the Ministry of Finance, Bhutan. He is studying at the International University of Japan (AY2014-16). His hobbies are reading newspapers and sometimes playing indoor games. He also likes visiting places out of his university when he has free time. Read More

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Seminar on the JISPA and OAP Capacity Building Activities, Mongolia, October 13, 2015


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JISPA Seminar: "Economic Outlook, Governance, and Ethical Leadership"
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Joint Seminar: "Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities after the 2015 Paris Conference"
Jan 18
Joint Seminar: "Japan's Economic Challenges and Structural Reform Options—IMF Views"
Feb 16-18
Meetings with the JISPA Review Committee Member
Feb 22-26
Japan-IMF Macroeconomic Seminar for Asia (JIMS)

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