Specialized Career Stream Professionals

Our IMF teams bring together highly-skilled, experienced professionals who come from a broad range of fields to work on unique and complex issues. We are looking for people who will bring new viewpoints and real-world experience from a wide range of personal histories and environments to our busy and unique workplace. The variety of complex, interesting work, the opportunity to support the IMF’s mission of ensuring economic stability and growth, and the talented, diverse, and dedicated colleagues will keep you engaged and motivated.

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What Would I Do

Your responsibilities as a specialized career stream professional will provide rewarding opportunities to support the IMF’s work in key areas including in the following fields:

  • Communications. As a communications expert, you will work to further the IMF's external and internal communications strategy, shape key external messages on IMF policy and activities, advise the management and staff on how best to convey messages that build support for the institution among key constituencies, and influence key opinion-makers, and general audiences alike. You may also monitor and respond to external stakeholders regarding the institution's activities using multiple media and formats.
  • Facilities Management Services. As part of our facilities management team, you will ensure the delivery of outstanding building facilities services at our D.C. headquarters as well as our recreation, hospitality, and teaching properties and nearly 200 residential and commercial offices around the world. Responsibilities include oversight of project management, engineering and architectural planning and design, construction management, operation and maintenance, and real estate management.
  • Finance and Accounting. As a finance and accounting professional, you will execute financial transactions with counterparts such as central banks, maintain financial records and prepare financial statements. You may contribute to the analysis and formulation of the IMF's policies on its lending facilities, income, investments, liquidity, financial risks and corporate governance, ensure that the IMF has effective systems and internal controls, conduct assessments of safeguards at central banks, and control IMF payments related to the procurement of goods and services and the execution of payroll, associated staff benefits, and allowances.
  • Human Resources (HR). As an HR professional, you will bring your expertise to bear on areas including compensation and benefits, human resources information systems, recruitment and staffing, staff development, and organizational effectiveness. Whether you work on developing, implementing, and managing the delivery of HR policies and programs, analyze key HR metrics for new efficiencies and possible changes, or advise department managers on key HR issues, you will play an important role in helping our staff reach their business and career objectives.
  • Information Technology (IT). As part of our IT team, you will maintain the capacity and 24/7 availability of our sophisticated computing and communications infrastructure. Your role could include working with many of the latest technologies to ensure the security of our information and our diverse portfolio of applications supporting IMF operations, protecting the Fund from the dangers of hackers or cyberterrorists, maintaining error-free uptime for employees working from home, while on visits to our member countries, and at our offices located across more than 80 countries. Our IT staff develop programs and strategies to support the IMF business strategy and manage service delivery for cost-effectiveness and agility.
  • Language Services. Our interpreters and translators are among the best in the world. They work in Washington, D.C. or anywhere around the globe to facilitate communication between the IMF, its member countries, and the general public, and to translate IMF publications into languages other than English. Our core of staff translators and interpreters, supplemented by freelancers, who are not only fluent in the IMF’s official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, English, and Spanish) but also well-versed in the fields related to the IMF's mission (finance, economics, etc.).
  • Legal. As an IMF lawyer you will advise management, the Executive Board, and staff on the applicable rules of law, preparing the decisions and other legal instruments necessary for the IMF’s activities, and providing advice and analysis on the use of IMF resources and surveillance. You may also provide technical assistance and advice to countries on the drafting of legislation within the IMF’s core mandate (e.g., central banking, financial sector regulation, AML/CFT and taxation).
  • Library and Archives. Our library and archives staff members provide economics and banking-related content and services, a world-class archive of publications and data and interpretations, and a records management program to IMF and World Bank economists. You may provide outreach, training, and reference services, develop and deliver innovative library products, and develop cutting-edge digital preservation methodologies.
  • Procurement. As a procurement expert, you will partner closely with departments to provide value-added strategic procurement services to minimize the total cost of ownership of goods and services, promote best practices, and realize productivity improvements.
  • Security. Our security services team is trained to efficiently and immediately protect the IMF’s personnel, visitors, facilities, and information at our headquarters buildings, located in Washington, D.C. and around the world. If you join them, you will compile and analyze security data, work with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, identify and mitigate security and safety risks, respond to emergencies involving IMF personnel or property, and evaluate and manage our contract security officers, 24-hour Global Security Operations Center, and executive protection unit.
  • Transportation and Hospitality. As a member of the transportation team, you will facilitate high volume international business travel, ranging from family relocations to individual missions, and complete complex contract negotiations with travel service providers. As part of the hospitality team, you will oversee error-free catering and audiovisual services, plan conferences and major events, often involving sensitive protocol considerations, and manage associated contracts and budgets.
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    Who Should Apply

    For many of our specialized professional roles, a relevant advanced university degree would be expected, but for some roles, relevant expertise or certifications may be more valued. We are looking for candidates with demonstrated competence in the relevant field areas, versatility and innovation, a great work attitude, along with the specific skills for the task—whether it’s technological/data management, policy analysis and development, written, oral and interpersonal communications, and relationship building. Experience working in international, multicultural environments can also be an advantage but is not a requirement.

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    How to Apply

    Our professional staff are a highly diverse workforce drawn from across our member country nationalities. Opportunities will be advertised on our Workday site as vacancies arise. The selection process will vary by position but will typically include a preliminary interview (normally held by phone or video) followed by a panel interview which will assess your technical and behavioral skills. For most positions, a separate technical or written test pertinent to the task will also be required.