Fiscal Policies


Fiscal policy affects macroeconomic stability, growth, and income distribution. Citizens expect their governments to ensure value-for-money for public spending, a fair and efficient tax system, and transparent and accountable management of public sector resources.

The IMF has been a leading source of fiscal policy and management expertise worldwide. The IMF monitors and analyzes global fiscal trends and advises IMF member countries on fiscal issues directly. This page highlights the main fiscal policy issues currently under discussion, as well as provides links to research, publications, and commentary.


In Latin America, Fiscal Policy Can Lighten the Burden of Central Banks
April 13, 2023

Taming inflation requires slowing down demand. While monetary policy has played its part, lowering fiscal deficits would also help lessen the cost-of-living crisis.

Fiscal Policy Can Promote Economic Stability and Address Risks to Public Finances
April 12, 2023

Following exceptional pandemic support, governments should foster disinflation and financial stability while protecting the most vulnerable and safeguarding public finances

Fiscal Policy Can Help Tame Inflation and Protect the Most Vulnerable
April 3, 2023

Smart fiscal policy can help restore price stability and lessen the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.

How Fiscal Policy Can Help Middle East, Central Asia Reduce Emissions
November 6, 2022

Early rollout of climate-mitigation strategies will help countries meet their Paris Agreement commitments and smooth the low-carbon transition

Fiscal Policy Can Help People Rebound From Cost of Living Crisis
October 12, 2022

Countries should prioritize protecting the vulnerable through targeted support while keeping a tight fiscal stance to help fight inflation

European Fiscal Governance: A Proposal from the IMF
September 5, 2022

High debt and rising interest rates put a premium on improved governance to anchor fiscal policy in EU member states.


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