Research Assistants (Economics)

Our Research Assistants (RA) work closely with economists to produce the high-quality analytics and research that underpins our member country advice. As a Research Assistant, you will use your quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, knowledge of technology, information systems, and the Web, as well as your research abilities to support the economic work of the IMF and make significant contributions to addressing key concerns of our member countries.

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What Would I Do

As a Research Assistant you will:

  • Research, collect, and compile information
  • Maintain and update quantitative and qualitative economic, financial, or statistical databases
  • Process, consolidate, and transform data sets within and between databases using statistical and/or econometric techniques
  • Evaluate economic, financial, or statistical relationships in databases
  • Analyze economic time series data
  • Design systems to facilitate interfaces or to transfer data between external and in-house databases
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    Who Should Apply

    You will need to have:

  • A Bachelor's degree in economics, statistics, mathematics, finance, computer science, or other related quantitative fields
  • Two years of relevant work experience in a similar capacity
  • Proficiency in statistical, econometric, and graphical presentation tools and data base management
  • Note: only candidates physically residing in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. region are eligible to apply. (Non-US citizens may be eligible for a visa through the IMF). Research Assistant Program (RAP)  is open to internationally-located candidates.

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    How to Apply

    We fill Research Assistant vacancies on a continuous basis through individual contractual appointments (initially up to 12 months in duration). Advertisements will be posted periodically through Workday.